Chipping Distance Control 2 Methods

Chipping distance control 2 methods. One of the common problems I see a lot of golfers make is poor control of distance when they hit chip shots. In this video golf tip Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor shows you two methods you can use to hit chip shots. If you can get your ball to finish closer to the hole with your chips you have a better chance of getting your ball in the hole with your next shot thereby lowering your golf score. I recommend trying both of these methods in practice and then using that practice to help you determine which method is best for you.

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My name is Brian Fitzgerald – I’m an Australian full time golf coach living in Melbourne and coaching at two venues. The Morack Public GC in Vermont South and the Lang Lang GC in beautiful South Gippsland (An hour and a quarter from Melbourne) where there are lot’s of Kangaroos.

How long have you been a golf coach? I qualified as a full member of the Australian PGA back in 1985. Wow I don’t feel that old.

Why do you make videos for YouTube? That is a great question and one I get asked a lot. I love helping people play better golf and people tell me I have a very unique coaching style that is very simple to understand. We really should do things simpler. I just make them to help people and if people like my videos they can either come for a golf lesson in person or if that is not possible you could join my membership program and I can then view your golf swing or any part of your game and really help improve what you do.

Do you always change some ones golf swing? To be perfectly honest I try not to. If I do try to change some ones golf swing I have to have a pretty good reason for doing so and the client has to be fully engaged and committed to both regular coaching and practice in order to make that change. Most people say they will do both with good intentions but most fall away pretty quickly.

So my preference is to change things that will improve their score easily. There are so many different ways to do this.

What do you film with? – I have a few few different cameras I use. An old GoPro Hero 4, an iPhone 6 and iPhone X, A Sony ZV1 and an old Panasonic Handy cam (I’m using that less and less now). I record my sound on an old iPhone 4.

What do you edit with? – About a year ago I switched to Adobe Premiere – prior to that it was Pinnacle Studio

Do you make money off YouTube? – Yes.It took me over 100 videos to make my first total $100 off adsense and then another 50 videos to make my next $100. I think it will slowly change, but VERY slowly.

I really enjoy your videos, how can I support you? – Here’s my ko-fi where you can buy me a coffee, beer or a burger should you wish (kind of like giving me a tip via :

Thanks for watching!


22 Replies to “Chipping Distance Control 2 Methods”

  1. Paul Barnie says:

    Option 1 using the Paul Runyan rule of 12 method is the best way to turn an average chipper into a very good one , im just glad no one else at my club knows about it 😂

  2. nasir uddin says:

    Dear Brian Excellent way to chip. I am following your method no 1 with 7 Iron. 7 Iron is giving good result. Just one problem i am experiencing when ball is in uneven and undulated ground. Hope to get your reply with solution. Thanks.

  3. Rick Rairdon says:

    I have been better off with 8 or 7.

  4. Less loft means to hit in same spot means you have to hit harder because you usually choke up on the clubs. Unless you are also saying don’t choke up and the length of the shaft makes the ball go longer such that it will hit the same spot. But that is not true because the length of the shaft does not correlate to landing distance. When you are switching clubs and trying to hit the same spot, you are actually hitting harder. So you are controlling distance by how hard you hit it even though the length of the shaft might partially help. But telling someone to chip with the full length of shaft means trouble. It is easier to choke up on the club so it is not so long.

  5. Putchuco says:

    Excellent comparison, love it!
    I use my 52 degree for anything around the green up to say 6m away from the flag, adapting the swing to the distance much like we do with the putter.
    From further out I use less lofted clubs and stick with the same ‚stock‘ swing for the chip. Mainly because swinging harder adds too much risk for me on my 52 wedge chip shot.

  6. Excellent examples of two methods for chipping Brian! I probably use both methods, The first for chips of the length you were displaying using a 7, 8, 9 iron and a landing area of 3 feet. The second method is more for up close pins where I am off the green ten yards or so then I would use a sand wedge or gap wedge.

  7. Steve Ng says:

    Thank you Brian. That a nice one on explaining both methods in clipping close to the green (clip n run). I am only using one club for my clipping, with different length of back swing to clip and get my ball to roll & stop at the distance of 10m, 20m, 30m and 40m (more like pitching for this 40m n above). I do practice allot, at least twice in a week just in clipping, putting n bunker. I realized I can score much better when I am sharp at this areas. However, golf is such an difficult game. The moment I am lazy in practicing, I lost the feeling and confidence and my games suffered immediately 🙁 I think it might be the right time for me to use the 2nd method as per your instruction by using different of clubs, with the same length of backswing and let the ball roll in different distance. It should be much more easily and consistent too.

  8. Bob Adkins says:

    Another good one, Brian. I get to try this some because I have a tee time tomorrow! First for the year. Last year I learned to try the seven and others rather than reaching for the pitching wedge automatically. So tomorrow I’ll be looking for chances to use the seven and others. Thanks for posting.

  9. B M says:

    Method 2 for me with a bit more hinge
    With method 1 if ball is 3 m back further now you have a different shot
    Then 6 m out another
    So now you have x number of shots times y number of clubs to practice
    Method 2 is just x times 1
    Also with method 2 you only need to read about 3 m of green

  10. Susan Nelson says:

    Thanks Brian that is a good presentation. Getting the run distance correct is the trick! And of course up hill and down hill shots make it hard also, I will try your method one. The course where I play has a lot of cruel uneven ground around the greens not many flattish lies up hill and down hill greens so I use my 8 iron most of the time to chip and run. I will also look at the 12 times method mentioned in comments that may work for me also with calculating my landing spot. It is an ongoing challenge! Cheers Sue

  11. Peter Brewer says:

    I've recently taken to my 56 degree sand wedge for chipping. But only for distances up to 30 metres. And only if the lie is excellent. Otherwise I'll take an 8 iron for example. The advantage of the wedge is quick stoppage.!

  12. John Brown says:

    Rule of 12 for the first method
    That is take the iron number from 12 to give you the distance of roll relative to the original chip length
    5 iron 7 times
    6 iron 6 times
    7 iron 5 times
    8 iron 4 times
    9 iron 3 times
    PW 2 times
    SW 1 time
    Works for me and all relative to your original chip length!

  13. Will try method one tomorrow.

  14. Adi Hughes says:

    Really interesting. Definitely method one when it's possible, though probably a bit of a mix. I find it helps to do a chipping warm up to gauge how the balls rolling on the day, prefer a dry day when I don't have to flight it so far and can land short of green if needed. Use the putting "tick tock" method in my head for judging distance to landing spot. Thanks Brian

  15. Have you tried chipping with your left hand lower. I had the chipping yippee for a while. This saved me.

  16. Perso, j'utilise la première méthode avec, dans la tête, le ratio "vol/roule" de chaque club, ensuite selon les circonstances, je m'adapte au terrain !
    Pour cette distance sur green plat, j'aurais certainement utilisé un PW (ou un autre, Gap ou 9,…, selon la configuration du green et du drapeau…descente, montée…)
    Encore un bon conseil Brian !

  17. Joseph Wirtz says:

    Fitzy, this is the best presentation of why method number one is an efficient way to tackle our chipping challenges. Thank you!

  18. Steve Taylor says:

    Thanks Brian – that makes sense to me. Method 1 is my preferred way. I like the idea of choosing a landing spot and letting the club get the required distance. I'll keep working on it – lots of work is needed!

  19. Jesse Ross says:

    thanks Brian, playing Tuesday and will test the lesson

  20. First Method – Little Poison's method 🙂
    Love your videos Brian

  21. David Leigh says:

    What a detailed presentation.
    Fresh and innovative
    Must admit that I prefer method 1
    Changing only the club reduces the risk for me
    Stay safe and thanks

  22. John Rider says:

    First method works best for me

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