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    38 Replies to “Chipping | Golf Tips With Alisa”

    1. Bert Shutler says:

      thanks Alisa… getting lots of pointers from you and the whole crew from Golfholics too 🙂

    2. glen w says:

      Love your channel. But you don't do much new stuff. .. I watched your clip of your starting years in Golf. Good job getting to the lever you are at

    3. hippy 100 says:

      My tip, courtesy of Gelway. Practice drill: set up the shot, say 10 ft off the green. Close your eyes. make the shot, and keep your eyes closed. Try to guess where it ended up. THEN open them and see how good your guess was. Sometimes you hear plop (Takes the 'yips' out of the shot.. You ever try stuff like that? I played for years, but didn't break 80 until I got that book.. Changed my whole game..

    4. shes to busy tapping her shoe , no help here

    5. hippy 100 says:

      Worse than 'chunking ' the chip shot.. being 190 out and hitting it fat, with your five iron. The ball goes 45 degrees to the right (usually right next to a tree) , and it feels like you hit a rock. You have hit a few, right??

    6. hippy 100 says:

      Good tips. Thank you for taking the time to make this clip. You are one of my favorite U Tube people ,and are 'subbed'

    7. Jake R says:

      I hope someday you’ll do a video on how to pick up balls with a wedge, like that.

    8. Phil Mickelson use's this method

    9. Anthony Judd says:

      You move both your feet, no mention of this?

    10. James Brown says:

      Great tips really appreciate you taking the time to make this video Thanks

    11. Beautiful lesson. Thanks!

    12. tootalazaaz says:

      The teacher gets an A+.

    13. Bomba Deer says:

      Wow super outfit Alisa 💪. Your “Go forth and go low” should be your logo. Don’t know why YouTube finally suggested this I’ve been your sub for a while. Great tip 👍Go forth and go low! ⛳️

    14. COfan says:

      Having admired your chipping game via Golfholics, I really appreciate your advice. I will try to apply your recommendation to help with the weakest part of my golf game (any shot that requires less than a full swing).

    15. goldenkris10 says:

      The best chipping video ever, I’ve never chipped better in my 41 years of life till this season. Alisa is incredible!

    16. Brad Kiefer says:

      Alisa you look amazing. How do you stay so fit? May a video on golf fitness?

    17. So helpful to see the wrong and right swings. Thank you.

    18. Do u have a driving lesson like the basic how to hold the driver were to put it. I've seen ur swing on golfholics and ur tempo is amazing pariss one is so much faster I can't even see her driver urs is so smooth well hope u get this be safe

    19. Awesome some real technical stuff that l take abit to grasp but so rad

    20. David M says:

      Alisa, why have u stopped recording videos? =( its a pity =(

    21. Paul Strohm says:

      Alisa you are a golfer athlete. Remember that always. Filter out any comments otherwise . I wish my granddaughters had stayed with the game. It is a lifetime joy.

    22. Here we have a national treasure in her natural habitat, folks!

    23. Robert ? says:

      Awesome video! It really helped my chipping thanks !

    24. Thanks for sharing Alisa. I'm one of those "chunkers" and the way you explained what occurs during deceleration helped me to see exactly what I've been doing incorrectly. You're going to make a fine pro instructor one day…have a blessed one.

    25. fringert says:

      Thanks I first saw you on golfholics, handy tip I’ve not been hinging my wrists. I practiced this out the backyard & took it to the course today & it worked great, thanks.😉👍

    26. Stanley S says:

      Great lesson. Thanx for the tip 🏌️‍♀️😁😊

    27. Thanks for a great tip.

    28. Brian Moyer says:

      Alisa you are such a cutie and a real sweetheart. Love seeing you on the golfholics channel. Great tip.

    29. Will work on this technique

    30. x x says:

      Great tip. I always hosed these shots up. The follow through wasn't there, l look up and the worst thing instead of letting my mind go blank which is easy for me, I think. Probably that I'm going to hit it too hard. Thanks for the tip.

    31. What is your club of choice here? 56/60?

    32. Karl Bailey says:

      Thank you for posting. New to the game and need a lot of work! I'll be trying it out soon.

    33. Great chipping video Alisa. Just found your channel. Been watching your game with the Golf Holics guys the past few weeks. A nice simple tip to keep the club angle consistent.

    34. Alisa, please come to Ohio and be my golf "Yoda". Keep up the great work!

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