Chipping Series – How To Practice

Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey PGA professionals discuss find out how to apply your quick sport to attempt to enhance your outcomes. This can be a easy and straightforward to comply with golf tip teaching video that would enable you to change your golf quick sport. Movies in Crans Montana on the Omega European Masters in Switzerland.

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    35 Replies to “Chipping Series – How To Practice”

    1. Jeff Jeffery says:

      Literally count:
      Mark 2
      Coach 8


    2. I love the landing on a towel thing…big thanks coach, I’m on itπŸ‘

    3. wospivey says:

      Great series! I cant wait to use these ideas. The coach really has magic!

    4. imcarlvideos says:

      Let the poor guy hit a shot!

    5. Andy Aguilar says:

      Towels? Wouldn't you rather have as close practice simulation as possible to the course strange army tactics..

    6. deldridg says:

      Thank you for this video. I currently have a tear injury to my left lateral and can only pitch/chip/putt so have spent the past month hitting thousands of these shots in my typically systematic way (currently high singles and falling). For pitching, I would choose from my 60, 56, 52 and 47 wedges, and pitching to a pin will get an idea of the right landing spot and put a handkerchief there and chip to it while aiming to be close. That way I'm building up a good idea of the proportion of carry to roll for each club at different distances. Roll and first bounce characteristics also vary a lot from club to club – lower trajectory tends to give less off-line action. I'm also very clear on the exact distances I'm hitting – eg. for a 20m PW (47deg), it's close to 10m carry, 10m roll depending on the green etc.

      As Mr Pelz says – always, always hold your finish until the ball stops so you can get feedback – particularly on bad shots. Additionally, I go through my routine and ritual for each and every practice shot and use alignment sticks. The results from this type of diligent practice are amazing – thanks go entirely to Mr Pelz's Short Game Bible and my excellent pro. Perhaps you need to be a persistent boring type.. πŸ™‚ I'm aiming to be able to up and down at least 50% of the time from anywhere within 30 yds from decent lies to a relatively flat green. Bad lies and tough greens will follow! Just my 20 cents worth. Cheers and good luck from Sydney – Dave

    7. SIMPLE SPIN says:

      Mark, you're right. I like to get used to my pitching wedge for most everything. I can even putt well with it from 10 feet if I want. Changing clubs a lot is unnecessary.

    8. Simple tips and ideas makes it exciting to practice πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    9. I agree with Mark's sentiment- You can't be a good golfer if you don't get a bit excited about practicing. Myself- I love to practice so there is hope. I love coach's towel idea.

    10. Ben green says:

      Absolute gold from the to Bra's – seriously inner depth tips great stuff . Really enjoyed the series could be lobbing & bunker play next.

    11. Adam Flynn says:

      have always tried to chip to a landing zone….that is literally the whole focus of a chip shot…but free lockey magic is always golden πŸ‘

    12. Andy Berry says:

      It's easy to get excited by Coach, he's such a lovely boy πŸ˜‰

    13. Good stuff. I'd like to see Coach giving Mark lesson on short game and Mark giving Lockey long game lesson. I know you've kind of done it before, but I think there's more mileage there. (If either of you could stand it πŸ™‚

    14. whogg0521 says:

      Great series, Mark

    15. Jayhawk226 says:

      Oh feel the Magic!

    16. DMF Chavez says:

      – Allen Iverson

    17. Lockey give mark a good towelling… Interesting

    18. MrPolus24 says:

      What a coincidence. I went to my local course to practice chipping and the greens had been cored and sanded so I practised landing spots instead of aiming for holes.

    19. face towel was too hard to hit so I tried a beach towel. That didn't work but I was killing it using a king sized comforter πŸ˜‰

    20. Jay Collins says:

      Mark, I really like your "one ball" practice tip for chipping and especially putting! I find myself focusing so much more.

    21. chipping my improvement

    22. aadamoni says:

      Would like to learn how to practice technique vs practicing a skill. Seems like separate but important tasks

    23. J V says:

      Where did Matt get a bag of balls to practice with? He never has any long enough to retire to the practice bag! #lockeyout

    24. Variation is key, the brain learns better from having to do things differently each time and having to rethink a process. If your using one club, don't just hit the same shot at the same target over and over. Hit different shots at different targets.

    25. AA123234 says:

      3:38 – Mark trying to get another "lets get stuck in" in the video

    26. Kridian01 says:

      I'm kinda shocked Crossfield doesn't already chip to targets on the green. Hopefully this is the cure to his shortgame madness.

    27. Foxy says:

      now i want a lockey signed towel

    28. mark can you do a whats in your bag soon please

    29. S Dev says:

      Most of those chips Mark just hit are the best he has done on a VOD. Hes coming for you Locky.

    30. Andrew Smith says:

      Genuinely some of the best chip shots Mark has hit in years #nothinkingtime

    31. Hack Man says:

      When's the next course vlog

    32. Rich Lester says:

      I'd be interested to see you try Paul Runyan's method of chipping vs your own.

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