Chipping Tips with Cheryl Anderson

LPGA Teacher of the Year Cheryl Anderson discusses different trajectories with the wedge.

Hi, I’m Cheryl Anderson; I’m here at the Mike Bender Golf Academy in Lake Mary, Florida. I want to talk to you about the wedge. You know, there’s four different trajectories you can hit with a wedge; you can hit low, medium, high, or a flop shot, and I’m going to talk about two of them today.
When you want to hit a low shot, place the ball toward your right foot; think right for roll. And when you want to hit a higher shot, place the ball a little more forward in your stance toward your left foot; so left for loft. Make sure on all of your short game shots you have your weight on your front foot—your right foot, for right-handed golfers. Your stance is always a little open, and your hands are pretty much in line with your left thigh.
The shot on the right here I don’t need to go over anything, so I’m going to choose the low trajectory. So again, right for roll; I’ve got the ball positioned back in my stance. Get it on and let it roll. And then to the pin on the left, I need to hit something a little bit higher and softer, so I’m going to put the ball closer to my left foot; left for loft. Okay, so remember those two things, and you’ll be on your way to chipping them close.


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