Chris Hipkins holds post-Cabinet press conference |

Chris Hipkins and Defence Minister Andrew Little make defense pre-budget announcement and reshuffle announcement after Meka Whaitiri exit.

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7 Replies to “Chris Hipkins holds post-Cabinet press conference |”

  1. hopefully says:

    Seriously? We should believe this? Other countries can kick sand in our face😂 Invest in what? Compared to who? If I was able to send a video clip this is as stupid as Derek in Zoolander saying a “school for ants”. Keep trying to kid Kiwis. It ain’t working.

  2. Ads Dft says:

    Remember that USA travelled across the Pacific ocean to invade the Philippines, and other Micronesia islands. China has influenced areas near it for centuries but moving into the Polynesian and Melanesia is a newer area of interest.

  3. The OIA process is a have. Its used as a delay tactic. As there is no accountability., Then they wonder why there work level is high. 🐐

  4. Star Peek says:

    Such a hypocrite…should have stayed home instead of embarrassing us in the UK

  5. gina parker says:

    This muppet know what a woman is yet 🤔🤔 stop trying to indoctrinate my children.

  6. kiwi comrade says:

    What the heck Military gets paid enough to do jack all , I should know I was in there ,

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