Cleveland Golf Launcher XL HALO Irons for 2021

Cleveland Golf has launched their all new Launcher XL HALO Irons for 2021, and we get a glance inside these Tremendous Sport Enchancment Irons with Enterprise Supervisor Michael Ross. Learn the way these hole building membership heads have elevated their MOI from 2019 and are as forgiving as ever. For extra info, go to

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    8 Replies to “Cleveland Golf Launcher XL HALO Irons for 2021”

    1. Brown86Power says:

      Had a set of original Launcher hybrid irons and they were awesome to hit. I switched to Taylormade Sim2 Max OS irons, but I’m on way back to the Halos

    2. Jack says:

      I'm 31 and a high handicapper, got an average swing speed.

      I think these are amazing. Can hit them well from almost any lie.

    3. Troll Ninja says:

      Here’s my rating of hybrid irons

      Cobra t-rails hybrid irons 5/5 straight, high flight, max distance

      Cleveland launcher 5/5 straight, high flight, max distance ( i pick these over the cobra due to the price point)

      Wilson launch Pad 4/5 straight, high flight, distance not as far

      Tour Edge 3/5 not as forgiving as the other brands. Your swing needs to be on point

    4. I got 8 through dw an love them

    5. Kym Stock says:

      So this is an advertorial at best, but having use the model ( HB Launcher) I have to agree with the TXG channel that these are extremely easy clubs to use. If I was starting in golf again, I would certainly use these. Anything that makes golf easier to master is worth considering. Perhaps Cleveland can make a single length version of these clubs next?

    6. I like oversize club when i first started playing game over 30 years ago i ordered set of heads oversize from Japan an my game went from 80's to 60's that how much different they made with bigger sweet spot for a weekend warrior.I grew up just hitting drivers i loved hitting balls just as far as possiable i never been out drived straight down middle

    7. I'm a high handicapper senior golfer. I used to shoot in the 80's. I must say these irons are simply the best irons I've ever hit. My confidence and love of the game has come back. So long to my Ping I3 blades. You've got to overcome the look of the backs and just go with how easy they are to hit. Golf is fun again!

    8. ian linfoot says:

      Moi ? The xl launcher irons have a higher moi than the halo irons . Does that mean that xl launcher will be easier to hit ? Sorry I am confused. Great vids. Thanks

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