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    33 Replies to “COBRA AeroJet max v Ping 430max MID HANDICAP TESTING!!”

    1. The Cobra Speed LD is the loudest driver I have ever heard. My wife still uses one and I tried it at the range the other day – the manager came over after I hit 3 balls and not so politely asked me to either put the thing away or depart the premises. Sheesh.

    2. Jonm Daly says:

      Great video but on what planet is twelve "mid handicap"?
      Do you not acknowledge that maximum handicap is fifty four?
      Mid handicap is twenty -seven.

    3. I think the loud cobra was the F speed

    4. No TSR Driver for Dave to test.

    5. I think the cobra driver was 44psz comes with built I tinnitus

    6. Lyndon says:

      Cobra ss370 or sz400..jeez they were loud and long!

    7. Tom Arthurs says:

      Cobra Titanium SZ unlimited was pretty noisy

    8. Russ Green says:

      Cobra Speed LD was a horrendous sounding driver.

    9. ROY WILLIAMS says:

      Cobra L4v Playing partner had one, we called it the wok.

    10. Blake Smith says:

      Love the content but for future reference how about less talking and more hitting I've watched for 12 minutes and only saw 4 balls hit between 2 drivers I about fell asleep watching. Talk for an hour at the end if you want all I care about is numbers.

    11. Clark Swan says:

      Great series guys. I had a Nike SQ . Needed ear defenders mind you 🤣

    12. JiKimbo says:

      Chris, love these videos. Much more relatable for us mere mortals!

    13. AJA says:

      Why do all Ave golfers look at the head and not the shaft? Golfers all swing differently and a lot of the time it's the shaft not suitable.

    14. Sween Bean says:

      Are the numbers adjusted for the fact he’s hitting range balls?!?!?

    15. Speed LD was the loudest. I still have it in my Sunday bag.

    16. John Bell says:

      Great series from Chris and Dave who is showing the benefit of Chris’s coaching. Excellent length and good banter without taking away from the main message. I am a mid handicapper and getting a lot from these videos. Keep up the good work!

    17. Another great review Chris. You're turning young Dave into a Youtube star. Well done lads!

    18. Try the standard Aerojet.. the max sucks.. also what’s his spin rate and efficiency? Launch angle?

    19. Neil Jones says:

      I'd like to see the TSR driver in this mix. Great distance forgiveness and sound for me.

    20. How does Dave hit the tsr2

    21. In the Max version, thanks

    22. Be interesting to see Dave try the ping g430 high launch w/the lighter head, shaft and grip

    23. pavlovscow says:

      Please test against last years models. Do slower swing speeds get even less benefits of the marginal improvements?

    24. 5ebra1 says:

      You videos with an average golfer are the best.

    25. david groom says:

      THREE shots with the Ping? Surely that tells you nowt?

    26. Ben Wilson says:

      Whatever Dave chooses is best MOT #lufc

    27. Mike B says:

      The tee height was too low, that's why Dave couldn't get the Cobra up. At least that's the excuse he gives his wife.

    28. Gary Bruce says:

      Was the cobra driver the sz extreme sounded like a kid kicking a football on a garage door🤣🤣

    29. Adrian Scott says:

      Well done guys- refreshing to see a mid handicapper testing – very surprised about the Ping though, thought that may have performed better for Dave 👍🏼

    30. Good review guys. As we are most definitely not robot golfers it is tricky to compare drivers particularly when day to day swings can vary so much for average golfers.

    31. Stephen Lee says:

      Well done Chris and Dave, very interesting series of videos. It’s very difficult for us ordinary golfers to see past the razzle dazzle of a new product launch, especially when the influencer has been flown out to an exotic location and wined and dined for a couple of days, obviously they want to keep the invitations coming. Big up to Dave ,he is a pretty handy golfer off of twelve, not easy having your flaws exposed, be interested to see what he ends up gaming

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