Cobra F-Max Airspeed Irons Review

Cobra’s new FMAX Airspeed Irons are the lightest irons they have ever made. Watch as our resident golf pro, Rick Hatfield tests out these irons that are designed so you can swing faster and hit it farther.

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    7 Replies to “Cobra F-Max Airspeed Irons Review”

    1. I've gone golfing about 6 times. All in Hawaii. Super easy courses and a few super hard. Im by no means good at golfing. I have just returned from southeast Asia where I have been for the past few months and my wife had these clubs waiting for me. I had been using a 40 dollar set of Wilson cheap clubs…. I just got em cut to size and now I'm stoked to go hit some serious golf! Hope I can improve so her purchase was worth it!

    2. Nic Ted says:

      I bought these clubs back in March and are great for my slow swing speed and I’m playing good golf.

    3. I like these irons a lot – except for the large amount of offset.. I wish they would come out with another exactly the same version of the Cobra F-Max iron – but that had MUCH LESS offset.

    4. Had these clubs for 37 days. On day 28 during a range session, 50 balls in the 7 iron snapped.

      Fixed under warranty.

      Today, my 8 iron and 6 iron broke. I am not a back golfer, I hit each one perfectly. They bend and snap.

      Bad bad clubs.

    5. 613VB613 says:

      Hello thank you for doing the review. I am looking to purchase new irons. I have watched your other review on the Cobra T-rail Irons. My handicap is like 17+ and my average score is like a 100. I tend to slice to the right with my swing speed as moderate to slow. I am fairly new to golf as I have only been playing for a couple years now. Which set of irons do you think I could benefit more from? Which irons did you like the best when you did your review? From 150 yards I usually use a 7 iron but sometimes I use a 6. I am curious if you could help me. Thank you

    6. Brian Waldo says:

      The offset is going to ELIMINATE a slice… really??? I don’t think so.

    7. Al Heiman says:

      Is the sand wedge a blade, or a super game improvement like the rest of the irons?

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