[COMPRESS THE BALL] – Golf Drills For Solid Contact Iron Shots (BROOM DRILL?)

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This video is about compressing the golf ball. Golf drills for strong contact iron pictures. For extra golf suggestions and drills please be sure to take a look at https://ScratchGolfAcademy.com. For extra golf classes and directions please click on the “Present Extra” button beneath.

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✅ 27 12 months Class A PGA Member
✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
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    24 Replies to “[COMPRESS THE BALL] – Golf Drills For Solid Contact Iron Shots (BROOM DRILL?)”

    1. PureImpact says:

      This is what Monte Sheinblum now has a video on the broom . Appreciate the great free content

    2. dry509 says:

      How does one combine this with the getting in the slot drills (popping the towel,etc)?

    3. I’m looking forward to signing up for your detailed course package.

    4. Looks good that will be one of my practices on Sunday.

    5. Wan Zainal says:

      I am golfer playing with a handicap 7. This concept is new to me but will try to implement it in my game.Like your video though brief but well presented.Thanks.

    6. Great video, perfect timing for me. It’s exactly what I’m working on and gives me a great mental picture!

    7. Christoph B. says:

      Hi Adam, a cupped left wrist means a strong left hand grip.!? Or am i wrong?

    8. Dreamer says:

      Man I tell ya Adam, as soon as I got the proper grip for my nautral hand position, ball striking became an art.

      Any newer golfers out there… spend your time learning the grip! It took me well over a week to get it down pat and apply it.

      Grip is NUMBER ONE. It gets everything .. rolling.

    9. James Freer says:

      Is this a ploy by my wife to get me to sweep the house?

    10. C K says:

      It's all rotation.

    11. Liane Watson says:

      always great to see and hear from Adam. Great advice.

    12. suhas s m. says:

      Your enthusiasm for the game is infectious. Have picked up quite a bit from your videos.
      If possible do suggest on fading and drawing shots

    13. B says:

      Love the mental tips 👌 , feel like it is so ignored in terms of feel and fluidity

    14. steve ourso says:

      awesome Adam. I recently took up golf after a ~10 year hiatus. had to relearn the game (basic 101 of hitting the ball). watched a few of your videos which started helping right away. then signed up for 2 of your courses. long story short: I am enjoying golf again (trust me, it was a disaster before listening to your videos!). your instructions are very clear, and very helpful: thank you!

    15. Bob Stjern says:

      Does the Lag Shot respond to these drills?

    16. Mark Hagen says:

      Good video. I recently purchased the lag shot golf club you recommended. Just amazing. Now I don't need you anymore.😂🤣

    17. John Koval says:

      Sounds good, Adam. I'll give the delofting drills a try. Should the same principle apply to the driver?

    18. Great tips..and Thanks You Adam….

    19. Hi Adam. Totally get what you are saying. Am only just getting this into my game. Managed to get near a green with a 9 iron doing something similar, when my dad (longtime golfer) said I should be using a 7. Only started this year, your channel is the only golf one I watch, combined with reading "Practical Golf" by John Jacobs.

    20. Dylan Adams says:

      Hello, I'm new to this game and the channel and your tips are really helping.

    21. Basil Keen says:

      Every bit helps. Cheers Adam

    22. RiverRuns NC says:

      First! Lol

      Great tips as always, Thanks!

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