Concerns over Harry Kane's fitness

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Harry Kane might miss England’s sport towards USA after selecting up an ankle damage in England’s 6-2 win over Iran.

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    23 Replies to “Concerns over Harry Kane's fitness”

    1. Steven Booth says:

      His performance against the USA was so poor he was actually a liability. He should have bee substituted early when he started to avoid getting the ball. It was patently obvious he shouldn't be playing. The USA team sussed it early and didn't even bother marking him. He took himself out of the game. Foden, Stirling and Grealish should have been up front. Why the manager keeps faith with Maquire is obvious; he hasn't let the England team down but why he persists with a lacklustre Kane bemused me.

    2. Dave David says:

      We should just dump the whole 11 man and tactics crap and pump slab head up coke and see what he does on his own, guaranteed at least a final

    3. Kane is the heart and soul of his team and could be out. This may give USA a chance.

    4. Could ask Garry Lineker to take his place. He's a world class virtue signaller.

    5. Jinzo says:

      play better without kane anyways lol

    6. CHD says:

      Doesn’t matter because england is gonna win 🏆 and southgate will be knighted. Southgate will be named the new head coach for chelsea next year.

    7. England will be fine without Harry…

    8. Hạnh Quân says:

      I don't care one bit about Harry Kane. England has a lot of options, and recently he hasn't played really well for the nation anyway. Wilson, Rashford, or Foden can easily replace Kane.

    9. THE END GAME says:

      Harry Kane is OVERRATED and enjoys positive coverage from English media because he's the face of ENGLAND. In reality, they'd rather have Kane on their frontline covers for getting two assists than have saka when he scores a hat rick

    10. ken hamilton says:

      He goes down on one knee easily

    11. Spider Man says:

      Should have took Toney lol

    12. Price you pay for leaving Toney out😎

    13. Ahhhh that’s karma wear your one love band try and force your BS again where it’s not wanted same with Germany with their hands on there mouths…hypocrisy when politics can’t happen in football eg poppies…blm…Palestine …keep your wierd 💩 you love having fathers identifying as little girls and children who can’t decide what time to go to bed yet choose their gender…you lot can eff up your kids heads up all you want but don’t force your ideologies on others…within next 5 years you will have pedophilia and incest legalised so you ppl carry on effing up your society …and about human rights why is everyone shush on human rights around the world bunch of wierd ignorant arrogant hypocrites….keep your 💩 ideologies

    14. Road Warrior says:

      Hope he's fit for the Champion hurdle in Cheltenham anyway.🐴

    15. RM13 says:

      Just rest him for the next two games, minor. USA and Wales are tinpot we could get the tree points with our second team.

    16. Rivalry aside I hope he's out for decades.

    17. No concerns get Foden on

    18. RayRay99 says:

      How bad is it, just a strain? Just rest him next 2 games….

    19. "Harry Kane doesn't go down easily" ahahahahahahahajahaha

    20. Adam P says:

      Southgate comes out in hives if Kane doesn’t play. That’s why he kept him on for 27 minutes after his injury, whilst winning by 3 goals.

    21. Marcin says:

      Bring Ricky Lambert.

    22. Sound no issue we got Wilson

    23. nah. Just call up jadon sancho, jesse lingard, or dele ali.

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