Well that was quite something, Thanks for watching everyone. Let’s move on to the next one!

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25 Replies to “CONTROVERSIAL FINISH AT RBC HERITAGE – EA Sports PGA Tour Career Mode – Part 27”

  1. What do you have the cpu difficulty percentage on career mode?

  2. ViceCommando says:

    Kinda major bug if it crashes like that in playoffs. I wonder if EA knows this problem.

  3. CC Cycling says:

    Yeah it's not cheating if the clubhouse bugs out of existence. That was certainly a win.

  4. Sanakagy says:

    It's all about the details 😂

  5. I get this bug all the time, I had to turn off final round AI pairing

  6. Stay away from Evian, its like a piss poor LIDAR on 2k, janky greens and whatnot…aww to hell with it. PLAY!! and be disgusted lol

  7. Owain Evans says:

    Great vid!! Same glitch happened to me, such a shame 👍👍 But keep up the good career vids! Hope EA can fix this play off glitch ❤️

  8. JMoriarty says:

    I tied the lead on the 18th hole and the guys around me were already done. Thought it would be a playoff but out of nowhere someone came and beat me by 1

  9. Yeah still some bugs they have to iron out. Glitches out a lot with playoffs if it’s with a golfer that’s not in the game.

  10. alec j says:

    Nah you won — it was just like you had a one hole playoff. You replayed the 18th and birdied & Billy H. parred. You have nothing to feel hinky about. Enjoy the win.

  11. Brainiac says:

    So idk if you did or not, but if you skip anything after you sink your putt on 18 it always breaks the playoffs. The script is both acting like you have more holes to play but has to show the rules that it didn't so it is also thinking to end the round

  12. Logan Ward says:

    cool Ferrari shirt dude/broski btw Turloch did you watch the 2023 F1 Miami Grand Prix on tv when it was on. why in the heck does some of the holes AT Harbour Town have trees in the bunkers that literally 100% makes absolutely no sense at all bad course design/management if you ask me. that was funny/very funny when/after you won the RBC HERTIAGE it said on the screen congratulations cheater i literally couldn't stop laughing when it popped up after you won

  13. Juan Saenz says:

    It's alright Apex, I know if you would've bogeyed 18 on the replay you would've stuck with it. You never reset, this time it benefitted you. Also, having birdied 16 and with a birdie on 18 the second time around you probably would've won. Let's just imagine you finished -20 and went birdie-par-birdie in the playoff

  14. Ian Walls says:

    Awesome episode amazing win 👏

  15. Nader Zein says:

    The playoffs are definitely bugged. I was playing yesterday and I lost the playoff, but it bugged out so I had to save round. When I came back it let me replay the playoff even though I already lost.b

  16. Wow you cheat to win lol 😂😂

  17. Clay Tacker says:

    what you got tabbed in your browser?????

  18. XeroDeus says:

    the best part about that cheat engine download at the end, is that it said CheatEngine75 (1).exe – that (1) means it was downloaded at least once before lol. 😉

  19. Randy Murray says:

    Chin up, brother. I totally understand wanting everything being achieved on the up and up but this was entirely out of your control. Great W. Keep it going 👊

  20. Remember, I told you in one of your live streams. The playoffs are bugged. I don’t know if it’s because of playing the AI. I haven’t been in a playoff since I turned off AI pairing.

  21. love the porn on ur google search lol

  22. cole warner says:

    Handicap for holes doesn't go off difficulty, but essentially ranks the holes in terms of the difference in average score between a lower and higher handicap golfer. So often very difficult par 3's will be the 17 or 18 handicap because highest handicap scratch golfers often make bogey or worse, similar to even 10 or so handicaps. This is also why Par 5's are often lower handicap's, as scratch golfers will play the hole much better on average than higher handicaps. It makes perfect sense when you think about what holes people should get strokes on (They should get strokes on the holes they play worse relative to lower handicap golfers, not necessarily the most difficult).

  23. I think you would’ve won in the playoff, therefore this should not feel wrong my friend.

  24. Shane Turner says:

    Hope youre healing up properly. Got some catching up to do on your vids.

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