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    42 Replies to “Country Club Sued for Not Giving Truck to Man Who Hit Hole-in-One”

    1. Him Bike says:

      If there’s no video tape
      It’s his word vs. theirs

    2. J. McCarthy says:

      I’d be pissed if I made a hole in 1 and didn’t get the promised prize. You KNOW they , country club & dealer, KNEW they couldn’t cover the prize. I’d like to be on that jury and hear them try to weasel out.

    3. Whoever was supposed to secure the insurance is something the club should take up with the dealership, but since the club was advertising it and for a paid competition especially, the club needs to pay him all his expenses and the full sticker value for the truck at the time of the win, and a nice extra big bag for the devastating trauma this caused him! I don't care what the excuse is lol, I'd be out for blood!

    4. Sam Biscits says:

      Who is the lady's voice? It introduces Steve Lehto and ends with a comment I love her for her voice?

    5. Crawfish in short means backing out of a deal quickly. Crawfish can move very quickly backwards.

    6. orlock20 says:

      I don't know how somebody could blame it on not having enough times when the parties set up the date. I'd get the insurance first and then set up the date.

      I looked up prize indemnity insurance and there are companies that specialize in certain awards including hole-in-one awards. For one that specializes in hole-in-one awards, it looks like you can set up the policy online.

    7. Mark Mansell says:

      Now all the people who paid the entry fee should demand their money back if they personally didn't win any other prize.

    8. Actually, there is no conflict in the statements. They could not get the insurance for the price in time, and they thought THAT PARTICULAR truck was only for display purposes – as in: The winner wins a similar truck but on order. Allo customizations (like color) and extras to be added. Makes sense.

    9. marty burch says:

      Did he pose with the "Country Club" President and other honorable members and a Dealership Representative for photos and fake presentation of said "Prize" for newspaper and TV News station coverage or did they cry foul immediately after "Hole in One" either way the Winner is still the "Winner".

    10. MyTech says:

      The club owes the truck, simple as that. Whatever deal was made between the club and the dealer is a separate issue.

    11. HELIFY NOE says:

      Well of course this is they way it turned out. The club only promised him the keys, not the truck. LOL

    12. Mr Quick says:

      I’m surprised they didn’t try to give him a little metal or plastic TOY truck! 🛻 🛻 👀 but lies aren’t good for business either!

    13. Dularr says:

      guess the country club didn't buy the insurance.

    14. Tina Mathews says:

      It doesn't matter. The country club put up the prize, advertised the prize, and took the entry fee. The country club is on the hook, and is going to have to pay the dealership for the truck, then give it to that man.

    15. 23tbob says:

      Bob in Michigan It sticks in my brain that the odds on a hole-in-one for ordinary golfers is about 1 in 27,000 par 3 holes. So an average golfer never gets a hole in one. Don't know what the odds for the professional golfers are. Maybe 1 in 5000?

    16. Can't buy insurance after the accident.

      Can't buy prize insurance after someone wins the prize.

      That's how I read the dealership's statement.

    17. biski says:

      Not very smart if most of the golf players are attorneys!!

    18. pedraw says:

      Lack of planning on the country clubs part. I'd say they're responsible.

    19. Crawfish typically move by backing up, hence crawfish out of the deal.

    20. The fact the the dealership or even the club tries to get insurance, tells me that they both knew it was a prize not just a display.

    21. If the dealership thought it was fir display purposes…. Why were they trying to get the insurance?

    22. Britt Raney says:

      What if the truck had been destroyed Somehow? Who would have been on the hook for the truck? The end result is the same… they put a truck up for advertising and didn’t get it back

    23. Thomas Allen says:

      "I know a guy" lol. who sells Lloyds of London types of insurance for oddball sports things like the half court basketball shot and the hockey shot and the holes in one things. Not sure why the club did not buy the insurance for a few hundred. For the kind of money they were getting for that tourney they could have easily afforded the insurance. An actuary figures out the odds and payout and comes up with a policy.

    24. randy hirsch says:

      Updated us on this one

    25. I hope he gets the car!!!

    26. AtariBorn says:

      I'm from Conway and stay far from Morrilton. Crawfishing or crawdadding is a common term, in the south, meaning someone backing out of a deal or changing their stance on something after backlash sets in.

    27. TIMEPLATES says:

      Thank you for doing a great job explaining how insurance works.

    28. olsmokey says:

      Whether they had "insurance" or not, if they advertised the prize, they should honour it.

    29. Hope that the GOLFER gets the truck!

    30. Vernon Zehr says:

      Good grief. Looks like an open-and-shut case. They may want to negotiate with the guy if it's about the money. Maybe they could talk him into a cheaper car or give him cash instead. I heard stories that people who win huge prizes in game shows have to sell them off to pay tax on it and all the other fiddly tax bits. Cash would be better probably and he might settle for a lesser amount. I would also expect him to get legal fees paid WHEN he wins.

    31. Dodge M says:

      If there was an entry fee to the competition to win the truck, couldn't the country club weasel out of it by returning the entry fee? by saying 'sorry, there was a problem with the trucks paperwork, we can't give you the truck so here is your entry fee money back'. Or would the country club be forced to give the person the truck or money equivalent?

    32. Jerry Lynch says:

      Having the "Tournament of the Century" only 22 years into the century, would seriously limit your descriptions of future events for the next 78 years!

    33. Dan Denver says:

      From Wiktionary:
      crawfish (v)
      (colloquial, Southern US) To backpedal, desert or withdraw (also used with out).
      1968, Charles Portis, True Grit:
      I have never been one to flinch or crawfish when faced with an unpleasant task.

    34. This is my take. Tournaments are planned months in advance in order to get publicity out, arrangements needed and sign-ups so the excuse of not having the time to get insurance is bogus. I think they sat around (dealer or country club officials) and said to themselves "why would we spend money on an insurance policy when we know the odds of the hole in one is a million to one. We'll just keep that money." BOOOM. the guy hits and now their pooping their pants. I bet I am close to the truth. I have one word to describe these people, WEASELS.

    35. OhAncientOne says:

      My Dad talked to the local car dealership who was happy to provide a Gremlin off the showroom floor with their name on it, for a big golf tournament. He put his insurance business name on the offer of a car for the first hole in one.
      Since my dad specialized in what is called
      "excess & surplus lines" & he was the states Lloyd's of London rep, he paid $150 for insurance against the hole in one.
      And had the best advertising at the tournament.

    36. Buster Ellis says:

      No!!! A crawfish moves by backing up. That is what he meant.

    37. Ben Miller says:

      Silly country club has no leg to stand on, unless they can show an email or something that the dealership agreed to this. Why are they even fighting it, such a silly waste of time.

    38. Daniel Raidt says:

      A Crawfish swims backwards.

    39. Lots of people have lost out on this hole in one scam including myself. Failure to be registered or to have the shot verified by the head professional .

    40. $54,000 RETAIL, the actual cost of the truck is a hell of a lot LESS.

      despicable behaviour on behalf of the golf club and the car company.

    41. Eric Jenks says:

      I saw another article on this – the dealership said that they were asked by the club for the truck as a prize, and they told the club no, display only. Probably reasonable to say that they said display only after not being able to get the insurance lined up.

    42. Roy Sullivan says:

      Crawfish escape predators and other danger by suddenly swimming backwards. That is what the tail dose by snaping and drawing the crawfish backwards at fish like speeds. Yep, the golf club and the Ford dealer are doing the fastest crawfish swim they can. Crawfish are easily caught by placing a small net behind the crawfish and poking at it with a stick. The crawfish will almost always swim right into the net. Things I learn as a child.

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