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Within the third installment of a NEW journey collection “TROTTIE DOES” @trottiegolf will get match for a correct Scottish kilt and takes on Crail Golfing Society. He takes on the HELL Gap along with his TaylorMade Stealth Driver and TP5x golf ball and despite the fact that he hasn’t performed Crail in years, Trottie is aware of precisely find out how to play each shot because of the MyTaylorMade+ app. Be taught extra about MyTaylorMade+ right here:…


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    8 Replies to “Crail Golfing Society and Kilt Fitting | TaylorMade Golf”

    1. John Wood says:

      I am the marketing guy at Crail and just want to say thanks for the nice comments about our old Tom Balcomie course. I tell all our visitors not to tear up thier scorecards after the 5th because its called “Hell Hole” for a reason🤣. Please come back and take up the challenge of our Gill Hanse designed championship course Craighead, you would be made very welcome 👍🏼

    2. Joe Doaks says:

      Thank you for this series. I am a member at Crail Golfing Society. The Balcomie course you played is an Old Tom Morris course. This course is where the round hole first appeared in golf. (The greens keeper used a piece of plumbing pipe from the shed as a template.) Square holes were the norm on golf courses at that time. Old Tom saw the round hole on this course and began using it on The Old Course. It then became a golf standard. I hope you also got a chance to play Craighead. Craighead is Gil Hanse's first golf course. It is challenging and fun.

    3. Golf Guy says:

      East to west…..? 🤔

    4. Mark Read says:

      Great content and production. The course looks amazing.

    5. bigjmal says:

      Jesus Christ Trottie, have you been getting calve tips off Phil Mickleson?

    6. Used to be a member at Crail, what a course 🔥

    7. Roy Close says:

      Well done Chris you can't beat the home of golf 👏 👍

    8. tater says:

      can i have a free fitting

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