Crazy looking golf club but can it improve your iron strikes and golf striking in general. Mark Crossfield golf professional puts the Tour Striker pro iron to the test in this golf training aid golf review. The crazy looking tour striker golf club is designed for golfers who want to improve their strikes with irons and start hitting more greens with pure golf strikes. The tour striker iron has no club face at the bottom of the golf club to encourage a more dynamic impact with more handle lean and a better angle of attack. The Tour striker iron could help many golfers find a more consistent golf strike with some good productive practice and committed striking goals. Golf training aids are popular grossing huge sales per year but they they really work or are they just a waste of money for golfers searching for help where it is not needed. The golf training aid market is full of many products that end up in the loft for golfers but will the tour striker iron help or will it be binned off in two weeks time.

Let me know what was the best golf teaching aid you have ever bought and how did it help you’re golf and did you become a better golfer?

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    1. John Manning says:

      Never used one, would be happy to love this if it worked

    2. Tom Grady says:

      I need all the help I can get, something like this can't hurt…right?

    3. wgrooms719 says:

      I have one. It forces you to compress the ball and gets me in a good rhythm. I recommend it

    4. i was gonna get 1 as i need to hit down on ball more looks like it might help me

    5. David Oakes says:

      Mark, can i buy a full set, PW to 4 iron, in single length mate? cheers 🙂

    6. This club is mainly designed to help someone who sweeps the ball off the turf learn how to hit down on the ball the way the pro’s and better recreational players do it. It definitely taught me how to do it. I have however stopped using it for a while and have reverted back to my old sweeping ways. I will be using the Tour Striker quite a bit quite a bit again starting immediately tomorrow.

    7. Not a huge fan of teaching aids but this one does kind of make sense. But i feel like it could be very frustrating also.

    8. I own this club. It's sitting in my club graveyard bag at least 10+ yrs 😂😂😂 and I never hit it.

    9. Robb Finkey says:

      I have a tour striker. Even got it made with my exact iron shaft. I think it helps with tempo and timing to get a nice strike.

    10. Jono01 says:

      Hi Mark. Could the fact that you are hitting low on the face be from not getting enough forward shaft lean? This club seems to require you not to just hit down but with a significant forward shaft lean (ie present less loft).

    11. Austin King says:

      “I love teaching aids” we need some Muppet Tour Merch brah! Towels or ball markers would be nice.

    12. i love teaching aids, the dst club was fun to hit

    13. Daniel L says:

      I'd imagine that this would be quite useful in the winter when practicing/hitting off range mats where fractional/ very marginally fat strikes are not always as obviously punished because of the interaction with the mat.

    14. Dave Poulsen says:

      My garage says i ‘love teaching aids’ why not try for another – especially if it helps with flipping

    15. SealTeamRick says:

      I have a very old 8 iron one from maybe 7 or 8 years ago. Nice to warm up with at the range just hitting smooth 3/4 pitch shots with it.

    16. David G says:

      Hate teaching aids

    17. Ian Plummer says:

      Haven't you heard a 7 iron is this years 6 iron.

    18. This is exactly what I need, irons are awful lately

    19. David Finn says:

      Hate traning aids ,,, as ben hogan said the secret is in the dirt, most people wont spend the time to work it out for them self

    20. Chris Derkas says:

      Come a long way from the medicus broken shaft aid. Not a big aid guy.

    21. I think the Tour Striker training aid is good if used with a coach. There is a training aid I've used called the "Pure Line" PSP. It's a tiny club head for center strke training.

    22. I love teaching aids!!!

    23. Never used a training aid.

    24. Had varying success with teaching aids most work on the range but not all translate to the course

    25. Love some hate the USA bs ones. Great respect for Chuck first instructor I followed, also bought his dvd's.

    26. Stuart Neal says:

      I love training aids….. Well done of them! Would love to give that one a go though as I suffer from poor strike at times.

    27. Rantanen90 says:

      I love teaching aids 😁

    28. How is that club ever going to work off a mat?

    29. Mr. TopRamen says:

      Not thinking has been highly promoted in golf and I couldn’t disagree with it more. How do you expect to learn anything if you don’t think?

    30. Joshua Mann says:

      I’d love to try that teaching aid, I tend to hit thin shots and fat shots at times. I’d like to see helps me.

    31. You mentioned "training aids teach you not to think" as a reason you don't like them in general. I never thought or couldn't imagine that was the case. Every training aid taught me to get into certain positions as a "feel" … then I repeat what I felt. And in general they've worked for me. But I never tried the tour striker. Once again I like how your approach is outside the fairway.

    32. Simon Day says:

      I’ve never used a training aid, I’ve often looked at them and thought about purchasing. But, the thought of spending money on something that offers no tangible improvement ALWAYS stops me at that moment of parting with my hard earned cash.

    33. Love training aids if they end up helping my game.

    34. Michael D says:

      I've got the Tour Striker PlaneMate, and it most certainly has helped me get to understand where pressure points are within the swing dynamic. And overall, I'd say it' been a positive contributor to how I play, have shaved a few strokes from the round, and hence increased my enjoyment of the game.

      However, this club does not seem to give me guidance on how to change, but merely repeats the issues causing the poor strike in the first place.
      I think I would most likely hit this club, get a poor result, and continue getting poor results before I confined it to the garage!

      'Thank you, but I won't be investing, I'm out'

    35. g8a_golf says:

      I love SOME training aids. Obviously many are silly and impractical, but this one has merit in my mind. I get it

    36. Per Ström says:

      I hate them but of course prove me wrong 👊

    37. curious to see if it could help. I am very shallow and usually hit the ball thin:)

    38. swardmusic says:

      Just buy a blade and youll know if youre delivering it ok or not 😜

    39. Dec Berry says:

      i don't like training aids

    40. coolbud28 says:

      Give it to Coach, I feel a 3 hole challenge coming 😂

    41. Nick Marr says:

      The only teaching aid I’ve tried is a weighted club, but would be keen to try this one, as I fall into the inconsistent strike group. I’m generally a ‘thinner’ by nature on my poor strikes.

    42. Sto Ne says:

      Wow .. with my iron play and this club I would never get a ball flying 😂😂 but I totally get the idea of this training aid #thinbullet

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