Cross Hand Challenge w/ Will Lowery

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  1. I'm trying to figure out if the slight directional change WIll has at the very top of his back swing his a unique-to-him thing, or something that needs to happen if you are cross handed.

    His club's initial move after it gets set at the top is toward his head, instead of down and away into "the slot". I'm curious if that move allows for his hands to flip smoothly, but moving the other way gets you stuck (like every one else)

  2. BRO!!! You guys are awesome! I watch you all the time and it really makes the day better catching a laugh from yall just having fun on the course. Lol from one golfer to another, hear me out.🤟 try a metal cover of this song where it comes in strong with "I HIT MY FRIEND WITH A GOOOOLF CAAARRTT"…. and then the build up at.. "Just thought th vid would be fun".. and break down at "what's that about!!! Outro.. 🤟

  3. kakimotoK20 says:

    bro I think you need to do some scrambles, full nine. You're not sucking me in with these challenges and stuff, those need people I've got history watching. You're funny, but I need to see what you're made of I think that would make me want to watch more. BDS is my favorite and I'm better than them, so not really about talent.

  4. Kieran Power says:

    This video is freaking me out, I didn't think I was such a freak. 😂 Started playing golf couple years ago and only play like this. Almost at single figures 🤞

  5. That was hard to watch ❤

  6. Maca Maca says:

    Back off challenge. “You look like David Cross mentally handicap brother”

  7. Evan Kelley says:

    Absolutely loving your long form videos. Please keep doing these.

  8. JBJ Honez says:

    I played my first 2 years crossed handed and I’m right handed. I was slicing at first but hit bombs. All I did was closed my clubs face about 30° or so and it went straight as an arrow.

  9. Moniker says:

    A lot of golfers who play competitively will practice hitting shots one handed (granted left more than right). If you just hit a one handed right hand swing with a passive left hand, it should work. Might be the reason the one AJGA golfer was able to do it.

  10. robert 2but says:

    Its kak damnit and its wild when some savant can do it and by savant i mean R….

  11. T says:

    Many years ago there was a guy at the course I played at that golfed cross handed. The first time I got teamed with him I watched all day in absolute amazement. Of course I had to try it and actually made decent contact but I swung the club very slowly…it’s definitely not an easy thing to do. Sure is fun to watch though 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  12. Kelly Pagano says:

    I like the subtle Half Baked reference

  13. Joebiz24 says:

    They looked like peasant crop workers hacking down grain with sickles……

  14. Cur De Lion says:

    I can do it quite well, I play golf right handed….but I'm actually left handed. There weren't loads of left handed golf clubs about when I started, but it probably helps for this shot.
    I've played a bit of cricket in the past 🥱 often switching hands/stance whilst batting. Switch hitting I think they're calling it now……I invented that sucker forty years ago. 😁

  15. cave dweller says:

    Uhhh… North Carolina. Lmao

  16. Best cross handed seasoning salt I’ve ever had.

  17. Matt Manuel says:

    Vids are lit. Let's go 👍

  18. Quiznos’s witch 😂

  19. Scott Owen says:

    Get this guy on the tour

  20. My first my first golf teacher played like this. He was the pro at Bay Breeze Golf Course on Keesler Air Force Base. He was absolutely amazing.

  21. John B says:

    You guys are too funny….Sub'd

  22. Can says:

    When you think you are first, but you are not…. BTW – no idea how the video is, but I´m sure its great. 😀

  23. Play a match with FP

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