PGA Rick Shiels shows you a very simple way to CRUSH YOUR 3 WOOD FROM THE FAIRWAY everytime!


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    1. Q.) What fairway woods do you play? If you found this video helpful SHARE with a friend👍

    2. Scott P says:

      I play a Taylormade M2 3 wood from the M2 2019 set I bought getting back into golf. Still learning how to hit it properly.

    3. Reach the par 5 in two…yeah, in two days.

    4. Zachary Grey says:

      Love this! I play a 2004 Callaway Big Bertha 3 wood. 😊

    5. I have been watching your videos like an animal needing to feed. i started golfing this year with a friend. We have both broke the 110 barrier just recently , and am presently on the way to breaking 100. awesome! Thank you Rick…

    6. ISLAND H0RSE says:

      Taylormade SLDR 3 wood but looking to get a SIM 2 3 wood to match my driver

    7. bigdog33bad says:

      I'm hitting a Ping Stretch 3 wood at 13 degrees

    8. Troy King says:

      new to the game but im rocking some warrior 3 and 5 wood ebay specials. like the clubs but cant hit em for shit. getting the haggard grips replaced this weekend

    9. I can't believe how much my consistency changed after just watching one of your videos…I was nailing my drives yesterday changed my entire swing. Now I am watching this to improve in the fairways. Thank you

    10. TY THE TRUTH says:

      Callaway Big Bertha Fusion! I love it! Cheers Rick

    11. What about you start your takeaway always with a wrist movement instead of the triangle !!!! Any comments ?

    12. I have the TaylorMade Stealth 3 wood

    13. I have seen a lot of your videos and there is not a lot of shoulder tilt In your setup and the club runs almost vertical from your sternum or a little to the left of your zipper . That’s for all the clubs ? Any video about that ?

    14. paul kersey says:

      you didn't take a divot either time.

    15. Termial98 says:

      biocell cobra 3 wood …hit and miss with that one can get really great shots or just chunk it lol

    16. Jon Inglis says:

      Just got a Titleist 909 F3 and I love it, 13⁰ so a little strong but love the low shots I get from it

    17. Vern Hanna says:

      A nickent and that club and I are not friends, perhaps this video will help us get along better

    18. BestuseofATP says:

      What shaft tip diameter does a 913f 3-wood need?

    19. I have a wooden MacGregor swing weight in the Sam Snead celebrity collection.

    20. Your the best Ricky!Just purchased a used Rogue. I'll let you know how it goes lol. Cheers!

    21. Chris York says:

      TaylorMade Rocket Ballz, Lord do I need to stop topping the ball on my second shot!

    22. Vince Ball says:

      Very clear explanation of set up and importance of knowing where club bottoms out.

    23. Rick I appreciate your videos and love your channel. I am a subscriber and am addicted to your channel as well. I’ve just started playing again after about 15 years and it’s only because my oldest son took the game up last year. Just these past few months he has gotten me back onto the course and I was so rusty and out of golf shape it was ridiculous. He introduced me to your channel and I’ve watched your tips on breaking 100 and it changed my mindset and I did set that as a goal. 20 years ago I could shoot in the 80’s but I was so far off that I was playing horrible and it was a little frustrating but after few weeks I broke 100 and now am on the verge of breaking 90 and it was just from watching your tips and videos. I struggle and have always struggled with my fairway woods but I’m going to try your tips. I’ve never had golf lessons and was always self taught but the power of YouTube is tremendous. Thanks and keep the vids coming. I’ve fell in love with the game again and have been upgrading my clubs after over 20 years thanks to you!

    24. Look like the man in blue had a bit of a chunky connection with his ball.

      This. This is attention deficit disorder. Good thing I can multitask! Because I noticed him and still managed to listen to everything Rick said, all in one go! 😂

    25. James says:

      Beginner golfer here. Just started playing 2 months ago . Currently have a taylormade 3 Rescue. One of my favorite clubs at the moment. Definitely appreciate your channel I’ve already improved in just a short time !

    26. Cayden Wu says:

      thanks so much rick this tip really helped me hit my 5 wood without topping a single shot and i hitted it so clean

    27. Wayne Young says:

      Q. Still a wide stand with the Fairway wood

    28. I carry a callaway B 21 3 wood

    29. drew bales says:

      Ping G425 3 and 5 woods. Nothing more satisfying than a well struck fairway wood. Unfortunately lately that gas been a struggle. I almost feel as if I'm lifting my head at contact and can't stop doing it. Thus is only club/shot where this happens to me. Anyway as always great content. Thank you for all the great information you share!

    30. Since I got my 'new' used set of golf clubs that has a 3 and 5 wood, I've been trying to get used to them as I know they can take strokes off my game. I've been getting air with my 5 wood but not my 3 wood. I will try to make adjustments and see what tomorrow's round brings! Thanks, Rick! Enjoy watching you and am learning a lot!

    31. So basically play it like you would a long iron

    32. Millibarman says:

      Say again… you’re totally leaned back. 🧐

    33. Great content Rick. Currently have Taylormade SLDR 3 wood in the bag

    34. Ben Godbee says:

      Wilson Staff tour block.

    35. Great instructional videos that are short sharp and to the point. Great in helping me improving my game in all areas.
      Tried other video options but most turn me off as they tend to lose my concentration as they are so long winded. Your method of simple tips allow me to go away and practice and implement them in mu game and straight onto the next tutorial. Thanks for your help.

    36. Dane Martin says:

      Taylor made burners. Full set of woods. 1, 3, and a 5

    37. Stan Getz says:

      no divit at all tho

    38. If I'm not mistaken, this is pretty close to where you would play like a 5 iron right?

    39. Stormman says:

      Rick, you are now officially my best mate.

    40. Just started playing about 2 months ago. Always wanted to play but was intimidated and didn’t know how to start. A friend gave me a hand me down set and I’m hooked.

      Your videos have helped me tremendously. Fixed my slice early in my personal golf journey and great advice on irons & wedges.

      I always steered clear of my 3 wood cause I just couldn’t hit it. Made some progress on my own today and this reinforced some things I thought helped and gave me some other tips to try. Can’t wait to hit it on Sunday.

      Love the videos. Please keep it up. They help so much! Just wanted to show some appreciation.

      Thanks again!

    41. Josh Kelly says:

      Just picked up a nice used mizuno ST190

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