Crush Your Fairway Woods Every Time With These Simple Tips

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Crush Your Fairway Woods Every Time With These Simple Tips

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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    30 Replies to “Crush Your Fairway Woods Every Time With These Simple Tips”

    1. Great video, learnt a lot. Thanks

    2. SileTa Mus says:

      The number one thing 11:46. That’s a nugget there

    3. Thank you Clay!!👍🏌️‍♀️

    4. gcoffey223 says:

      I hover the club just a bit, helps stop with topping

    5. Many of your 3 wood shots tended to go off line to the right. Same for me. Your later shots were straighter. Why?

    6. Brad Schrunk says:

      How hard are you swinging? How hard do you grip the club?

    7. Brad Schrunk says:

      With a 3 Wood 300 yards wow.

    8. Brilliant explanation on everything. Thanks Gents

    9. Brent Jordan says:

      These tips, especially ball position had me hitting my 3 wood 270ish with perfect ball flight. Much appreciated!!

    10. wgbjoe says:

      A light grip on the club and a slower backswing will also help your timing, shoulder turn, and wide arc extension needed for distance and consistency.

    11. andy barnes says:

      use 112 speed without divot

    12. Dilawar khan says:

      600k views for this masterpiece? Every amateur is following the click baiters. What an awesome explanation. Can’t wait to go driving range with this information and put it use.

    13. Wow, can't wait to get out on the range and put this into practice. This guy has a great delivery for a tutor, already I feel more confident about my 3 wood.

    14. Geo Jetson says:

      Geezus. U hit a 3wood 240 yds on a miss hit ?🙄

    15. Diane D says:

      Some peoples kids say to hit down on the driver too. Not to mention any names but his initials are Tom Saguto. Seems he knows what he’s talking about as you do.

    16. "standing up out of your shot" just might be the best piece of advice i have ever heard

    17. You didnt deal with ball position. STEVE PRATT has you position off thd left instep and move the low point of the swing ahead

    18. Simmo says:

      Explain why some people teach throwing the club (shawn Clements, Mike Malaska etc…) if its the pulling up the butt of the club which generates speed.

    19. VPN Argen says:

      Hitting down the 3 wood. So should I hit it down just like iron?

    20. Al Samsa says:

      For some reason I hit my 3 wood as far and more accurately than my driver. This video doesn't do anything to get the driver back in the bag. Thanks.

    21. On the course I find myself asking “What my inCLAYnation?”. Remembering tips, after practicing drills. 75 on Par 73 from the tips yesterday… and there is much more room for improvement and consistency. Finally someone explains what I should be doing and what happens when it felt good but went weak. Didn’t think I could be more golf obsessed… I was wrong… My girl wants words with you Clay😂 .

    22. I been watching your videos for 3 years now. I was wondering if you could make videos about golf strategy. When to use the driver, how far away. When to use fairway woods. When to use hybrid how far away. What lie and what club is best. When to use wedges etc. When holfing I'm never quite sure which strategy is best. Now that I know how to swing pretty good, I need help which club and when. Thank you very much for all you do.

    23. Ken says:

      Awesome lesson.. but without practice time it's very hard to take the steap angle off my 3 wood..

    24. This information is exactly what I was looking for. New subscriber.

    25. Ok this makes all the sense. Is the setup the same if it is teed up off the box?

    26. 8BitZ0mbie says:

      I love your videos. It’s nice to see someone that just purely knows what they’re talking about. How each part of the swing affects the next. When I watch a lot of golf videos something is missing. You’re irons videos have changed my game forever. Can’t thank you enough

    27. If you examine your slow motion portion of the video you actually see that your wrists releasing through the ball are what produces the whip and NOT the pulling up of your left side. The pulling up happens after you've already hit the ball.

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