Did this Kill the STI? 2023 Toyota GR Corolla Circuit Edition Reviewed

Ryan flys to Utah to drive the all-new GR Corolla. Is this the automotive that killed the Subaru STI?

#Toyota #Corolla #grcorolla

00:00 – Introduction
00:42 – Options
10:44 – Driving Impressions (and 0-60)
14:15 – Monitor Expertise

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    37 Replies to “Did this Kill the STI? 2023 Toyota GR Corolla Circuit Edition Reviewed”

    1. Dude please secure your gear in the car your viewing. you always have loose gear rolling around in the vehicle, makes it sound like the the car is junk or coming apart. I like your videos but thats gotta stop. PLEASE.

    2. JayFire 74 says:

      Glad I was able to put my deposit down to secure the Circuit edition. 2023 can’t come fast enough!

    3. LYNDSIECOURT says:

      The STI Killed itself

    4. SHOBlZ says:

      This car is a joke. You cant even get one because they only made like 300 of them. This a asham to get you to the dealer to just end up getting a base model Corolla cause these are all sold out already

    5. Bebop says:

      I m pretty happy with my loaded (sport-tech) 2019 STI, now with an extra 60ph thanks to cobb and an adjustable coilover set, thanks to Cygnus performance, and no of the modern distractions like lane assist, adapt cruise ctrl. Looks nine though with a hatch.

    6. Bebop says:

      I wonder what is the point of making a high pressure 300hp 1.6L instead of 2L, 2.4L, 2.5L like others?? Only thing i see is weight.

    7. Wendell Lee says:

      they didnt have to kill the sti and this wouldve sold out any way

    8. Mike Foehr says:

      Is this car a rebadged Mazda?

    9. jay czyzyk says:

      High mark up nice reveiw

    10. Pretty sure Subaru did all the killing when it comes to the STI…… They needed no help

    11. Rydge Villa says:

      Ide rather have the new type R

    12. steve thomas says:

      I've had a WRX in my driveway since '02. Looking to replace my aging hatch with the STI. The new WRX looks like Subaru found a discount coupon for plastic cladding. After keeping my '02 for 17 years I bought it's '05 twin to tide me over for the new model. Oh well, GR is looking like a viable replacement

    13. 普段AT車しか乗って無い為か?アメリカの自動車評論家は皆スタートが下手だな
      でも大丈夫だ 日本の自動車評論家の中にも下手クソが居るから^^。

    14. STI was long dead before this came.

    15. Definitely better than the Subaru STi. Not a bad compliment coming from a Subaru enthusiast.

    16. rezneba101 says:

      44k USD for that?? lol…. I'll wait for the electric STI.

    17. The STI is already dead, how can you kill something that is dead?

    18. Thank god for this video I’ve been trying to get rid of my chlamydia for months!!! 😂

    19. mickred04 says:

      Seems like this is marketed towards those who are looking for a WRX upgrade/STi replacement and not those who already have an STi. I'm curious to know if those who already own an STi would trade their cars in for the GR Corolla?

    20. YiZhou Wang says:

      Gr corolla in America definitely over priced. I prefer gr yaris. Smaller, cheaper, and base mode come with more standard feature, like carbon roof and LSD then cost even lower than core GR corolla. I got my sti new last year for 40k drive out with extended warranty.

    21. Patty jay says:

      I would rather have had the Yaris GR instead.

    22. It can't hold a candle to the STI because there is no aftermarket for the Corolla GR. With an STI you can order up any power levels you want, with the GR you have to figure it all out yourself.

    23. Zackery Fox says:

      Ryan wearing that sick Initial D shirt. He knows what he's doing.

    24. A S says:

      I’m gonna rush out and trade my 21 Sti for this! 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

    25. haze1123 says:

      Toyota wins. But what I don't get, instead of building hardly any with MASSIVE dealer markups…

      Why doesn't Toyota build a bunch of these to be meet the demand?

    26. Aa Gg says:

      For those who don't know – Toyota owns 20+ % of Subaru stock/company…
      …so, GR Corolla and STI do NOT compete – it's just corporate decision what to produce…

    27. David J says:

      The STi was plagued with problems and nobody wanted to deal with that anymore. It's really bad when my dealership doesn't want to take a trade in because it has a cobb accessport and they say it's because the car might blow up.

    28. My only complaint is dealer markups. If you know of any dealers that will be msrp please leave a comment

    29. Sai Waqa says:

      Every reviewer talks about it being affordable… Why won't they mention the crazy 25k markup dealers are putting on the car? 36k sounds affordable sure, but add 25k to that and you are headed into supra territory. Be honest with the people!

    30. Darren Dent says:

      STI killer? Homie…. It has been dead. Im disliking this video on title alone. 😂😂😂

    31. howard KAHN says:

      You customers who buy DEALER marked up cars are the big problem, the dealers should be made to ROT with these marked up cars..

    32. In the last few years, Toyota finally has it's mojo back. Subaru needs to take note as it slowly and methodically moves to a company focused almost entirely on vanilla-themed SUv's.

    33. Let's hope the entire underneath doesn't rust away like my new Matrix did. 💀💀💀💀

    34. When the current WRX came out. I told my wife I wanted to buy it but after watching several videos it really put me down. Pathetic output (torque and horsepower) . This GR Corolla is an instant winner. No longer do I have faith in Subaru product. People asked me what about reliability? This Corolla would not be less reliable than any Subaru. With a specific output (power and torque per liter of displacement) and torque higher than the Porsche Turbo S, it puts many "exotic' euros to shame.

    35. Nik Gnashers says:

      If a brand new car with billions in development monies can't beat a 20+ year old car, then they need to give up.
      I'm glad Toyota made this car, but it isn't as good as all the hype suggests. Even in 70/30 split mode to the rear, it understeers like hell because it hasn't got enough power to spin the rear wheels.

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