Disc Golf Tips — driving!!

Virtually all of my movies till now have been about placing. However now that it is spring and discipline work has turn into a normal a part of my schedule, I need to share what my latest breakthroughs in driving have been. Hopefully they make sense and possibly assist you to too.


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    37 Replies to “Disc Golf Tips — driving!!”

    1. Thanks for watching! If you love disc golf, check out my other channel with a live disc golf podcast every week. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC260w5pgCt3AjOVOkFA7k5Q

    2. xmrtuvgs says:

      Great information.
      Working hard to keep my drives closer to the ground.
      Also working hard at throwing with some anhyzer, and aiming to the right of the basket, so it fades into it, instead of to the left of it.

    3. Thanks, will try your advice! Can always use tips for improvement.

    4. Chris Jensen says:

      Thank You. New disc golfer soaking up all info possible. "Slow is smooth, smooth is far". Danny Lindahl.l

    5. Good job with the video! I will try your suggestions tomorrow and hope for the best.

    6. Ed Pep says:

      Great video. Thanks for taking the time to make it.

    7. Wally Palmer says:

      Really a great vid! You explained things in a very clear manner without using a lot of "pro-terms" (which always seem to confuse me). Can't wait to try this drill! Great job! I am just getting back into disc golf after a long hiatus. I spent most of my life weighing over 400 lbs, and couldn't do much of anything. I've lost almost 260 lbs, and have a whole new life now. It feels great to be able to get out there and enjoy stuff like disc golf again! Thanks for making this video!

    8. All pointers you offered are spot on. Good video. Can't wait to try the grip tip. Thanks for posting

    9. Katour says:

      how to start playing golf in Magonsi Amazing Golf Expert

    10. David Amy says:

      slow is smooth, smooth is far is what you meant, completely different. good video overall, will try the new thumb placement and see what happens

    11. Liam H says:

      Thank you for taking the time to make the video and trying to help other people out. It is appreciated.

    12. Paul Heinl says:

      Great video, I love disc golf, I suck at it, but love playing. Still working on getting my form down, just gotta find what works the best for me

    13. Sh4dow says:

      these are very good points. very good explanation as well, thank you.

    14. Macky D says:

      tips i havent heard. i shall try. i can throw +400 maybe 1 of 10 and its no where near where i wanted it . mostly 325-375 and its mostly raw power. when i try to throw hard i tend to over cork, grip lock, dip the shoulder and anhyzer….ugh. + my weight doesnt follow through like you were saying. if i get to do that the disc is gone im around 300 and can move quite well for my size. thanks this should help. i'll keep you posted. subscribed

    15. Wow the tips on grip and keeping the off arm in helped me immediately gain consistent distance. Thank you!

    16. Alex Padilla says:

      The "epiphany" moment that helped me in gaining controlled distance is the hit point I guess, and I never understood what pros meant when the said the 'hit point' until I discovered myself on accident. My run up/routine was always quick and sorta fast. When I started slowing down my run up all the way to the point of full reach back extension, and then after the extension, accelerate and follow through, really helped me to gain power and accuracy. Honestly it was a lot less then having to force long drives. This is where I discovered the hit point, where at the last second there is that quick acceleration and follow though. The mantra slow is fast and smooth is strong. What helped me with the left arm swaying while driving was just putting my hand in my pocket.

    17. Excellent video that stresses some of the fundamentals.

    18. iv15larsen says:

      Thank you for making this

    19. Ron Albert says:

      Awesome vid, very informative and relevant. Thanks for taking the time to do this and ignore the asshole haters!!

    20. SpiderWaffle says:

      nice video, thanks for posting

    21. I love the sounds of the birds in Michigan

    22. Ryan Lee says:

      I'm going to try that out ASAP.  Any advice on how to kick out grip lock?

    23. What you say seems reasonable and are things that have not really been discussed much in other videos, but you must demonstrate a real throw if you want to convince people that you can really drive well. 

    24. Rampage3o2 says:

      Been playing two years & back handing just the last 3 months. I've found the backhand to be more consistent than sidearm. I never knew what to do with the follow thru arm but this video made a lot of sense! Thank you for the great tips!

    25. Alan says:

      Excellent video, lots of good ideas

    26. Um beats the shit outta LIKE anyday !

    27. Actually a pretty good video bro.

    28. kuminilkat says:

      Thank you very much for a real good advise and good explanations. It's worth of ten minutes and maybe more. I'm a beginner at this sport and I bowl a lot so have the tendency to get my follow through too up with the expense of distance and accuracy. I will try this tomorrow and hope to get better results.

    29. HatrickPenry says:

      Excellent video that taught me some new things I didn't know….I especially like the new thumb positioning to keep the nose down….krike I'm tired of throwing at the moon! Keep up the good work and thank you!

    30. Lets play a game Sean, Its called "Drink the tasty stuff under the sink"

    31. Very enjoyable, love to hang out with a pizza and beer and talk shop sometime.

    32. Keep up the good work this is a very informative video. Thanks!~!

    33. I played baseball for 14 years. Also played football and ball golf. I guarantee most disc golfers are more athletic than you. Think not? Try it.

    34. MsBettyRox says:

      This was very helpful to me. Looking forward to some mid-range insight.

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