Discovering how to use the GROUND in the golf swing FULL EPISODE Mark Blackburn & Dr Sasho MacKenzie

Spend the weekend in Birmingham, AL as we hang around with golf biomechanics researcher Dr Sasho MacKenzie, prime 100 PGA tour golf teacher Mark Blackburn, Sports activities efficiency professional Dr Bhrett McCabe and others!

Thanks to BODITRAK for bringing me out for this golf journey. Be taught extra about them right here

Be taught extra about the Golf Science Lab at

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    15 Replies to “Discovering how to use the GROUND in the golf swing FULL EPISODE Mark Blackburn & Dr Sasho MacKenzie”

    1. kmaxgolf says:

      I am coming down to work at Greystone. I really hope to learn a lot from Mark and his staff. Excited for the adventure!

    2. So we are learning hitting a golf ball with an ax and watching the pressure footing of good golfer? In the words of Joe Biden: Come on man!

      Talk about the important role our obliques have in our golf swing; and then maybe you’ll have something important to reveal. Cheers

    3. What then would be different, regarding trace pattern, to play a draw?

    4. Bandit Baker says:

      I have only just discovered your YT channel and this was the first vid of yours that I have watched, if this is typical of your content it is going to be an interesting journey.
      PS I subscribed after approx 10 minutes👍

    5. What about the rotifer?

    6. Range Time says:

      OK so at 15:00 or so in. He starts to mention the pivot, weight forward for chips- pitches. He then mentions how you believe you stay on the lead leg but you do in fact 2 foot pivot. Agreed. We all do that. One thing to remember is the circle. A cool thing to add is envision the arc ,circle ,plane,whatever you call it. That circle which is what I call it can be moved. In other words for an example weight forward, shoulders turned to the left , spine down leaning forwards, will assist you in hitting a low runner. I play with the angle of the shaft and my shoulder and spine position when I practice. It is really cool to be able to flight and curve the ball around the green. It is not magic its just setup and awareness of the circle you are on.

    7. Paul R says:

      Has the speed increase stuck Cordie?

    8. W R says:

      I really don't buy ground reaction forces doing much after transition. I've tested it by jumping and having my entire downswing happen while I'm in the air. I can still hit 90mph swing speed with a 7 iron.

    9. Steve O says:

      No recreational golfer ever gets better worrying about their internal body movements. Focus only on the target and distance, swing naturally and freely, and your subconscious mind will move your body in order to get your desired result. The only time this does not work is when you use your conscious mind to direct your body.

    10. Jim Perko says:

      Very cool video! Did the faster backswing also help with your irons?

    11. I’ve listened to the podcast for a few months now but this is my first time watching a video on the channel and I’ve got to say that it’s excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed it and took a lot of great information from it.
      I was just wondering if the drill that mark is using at 12.30 can be used for full swings as well, and is the drill just basically to keep the towel tucked under the 2 armpits?

    12. acmdphd says:

      Best part: How to use your left hand, the bounce, and leading edge of your wedge 🙂

    13. Troy M says:

      Great vid! I tried using your coupon code, but it says it’s expired.

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