DJ Khaled golfing is electric ⚡️ BLESS UP #shorts

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20 Replies to “DJ Khaled golfing is electric ⚡️ BLESS UP #shorts”

  1. Does he just stomp around yelling his own name like he does at his "shows"?

  2. A D says:

    Love it ! Let’s go golfing 🏌️‍♂️

  3. D Bald says:

    This man can ruin any activity

  4. How the heck did I get into the Khalid algorithm 😂

  5. I hit another one! 😂

  6. Beebe says:

    he looks terrible swinging, super un athletic

  7. He golf like a fat guy fr lol

  8. kell says:

    Hes so corny

  9. He needs to twist his core/back leg more

  10. Teri Giese says:

    He always gets so excited!Love it!!🏌🏾‍♂️👏🏻👏🏻🗣️😄

  11. Gregjanny says:

    Love it LETS GOLF!!!!!!!!

  12. g1bby says:

    “LETS GO GOLFING 🗣️🗣️”

  13. Feddi says:

    BLESS UP💯👍🏽

  14. Brooke A says:

    His energy level is off the charts. I love it and it's my energy level goals 😂 BLESS UP!

  15. T Roy Jones says:

    he getting better

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