DJ Khaled had the ⭐️'s out for his first-ever Golf Classic ⛳️ (via @djkhaled/IG) #shorts

Khaled had the ⭐️’s out for his first-ever Golf Classic ⛳️ #shorts
(via @djkhaled, @itchyeyephotos/IG

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27 Replies to “DJ Khaled had the ⭐️'s out for his first-ever Golf Classic ⛳️ (via @djkhaled/IG) #shorts”

  1. Joey Joey says:

    DJ bring out the black community to play golf some white folks may take this offensive

  2. aap100 says:

    And that’s the end of golf as we knew it 😂

  3. S500 says:

    He won another one!!

  4. KamoKlips says:

    “Life is Roblox” -a wise man

  5. Kozi2x says:

    Ja rule there automatic Ls

  6. Ramon Guzman says:

    He thinks he won a superbowl or a ring now

  7. Ja Rule still considered a star?

  8. Lmfao. Eyes were burnin like a mofo

  9. Pw Dubz says:

    Former ESPN employee Jalen Rose made an appearance👀

  10. Top score of 48 is crazy!

  11. Anthony says:

    cant have nothin nice can we!!

  12. As a wise man once said "Life is roblox"

  13. They corny for that😂

  14. BIOBORG says:

    The ghetto invasion continues.

  15. Khaled had a Bosh moment 😅

  16. Dre Hicks says:

    If JA Rule Is ur boi you already lost!!

  17. The champagne shower made me physically cringe

  18. Def not that Wanksta @JaRule

  19. Bilal Aslam says:

    DJ Khaled after every stroke: Another one ☝️

  20. Bring out the whole ocean😂

  21. amerik556 says:

    Ima probably get blocked but all blk ppls final form is a rich white man lol

  22. I HATE PULSE says:

    Man I know I’m not the first MF to comment. This sh*t says ZERO commented so far. 😅.

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