DJI Mini 3 Pro | How to Use the Intelligent Flight Modes

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DJI Mini 3 Pro uses intelligent flight modes like FocusTrack, MasterShots and Hyperlapse to make creating cinematic videos as easy as possible. In just one tap you can go from zero-to-hero.

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So, here’s how to use the intelligent flight modes on DJI Mini 3 Pro:
0:05 – How to use FocusTrack on DJI Mini 3 Pro
2:27 – How to use MasterShots
6:05 – How to create a Hyperlapse with DJI Mini 3 Pro
8:47 – How to use QuickShots to create cinematic moves in just a tap

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35 Replies to “DJI Mini 3 Pro | How to Use the Intelligent Flight Modes”

  1. Dude, this is way too fast and complicated for a beginner (me). And the music is annoying. "Just tap the screen and blah blah blah" is what it sounds like. It's hard to practice anything when the battery only has 30 minutes. I'm always in a rush. It would be nice to have a VERY SLOW version of the first 1 minute of this with no music.

  2. Tom Erdbrink says:

    How on earth do I drag over a POI like a tree for example? I want to use spotlight mode and rotate around it, however it won't let me select anything other than a person or a car… I have watched endless videos and still no one shows the specific step to achieve this and it's so frustrating.

  3. Will we ever be able to record a movement then be able to repeat it for consistency?

  4. Whoever wants to buy DJI mini 3 pro in Jaipur . Contact me❤

  5. How do you delete the files on the drone

  6. Iris White says:

    If you take master shots do you get the recordings of the shots to edit on your own?

  7. Importracing says:

    Please make waypoints video available

  8. Borex says:

    I was flying high up in wind and my friends were worried about wind warming, i was like chill man dw 😂. My trust in dji 📈

  9. Thankyou this is very useful😎🤘👌

  10. Excellent demonstration and thorough explanation. Thank you!

  11. Dr.xx1 says:

    I have dji mini 3 pro.. its realy great product

  12. A few weeks ago I bought myself a mini 3 pro. When it arrived, the obstacle avoidance sensors were constantly on red, regardless of mode or camera settings, and neither the imu or compass would calibrate successfully. It was sent back, engineers had a quick look at it and then DJI sent me a new one.

    The new one fully arrived with identical issues, and also the front right motor was dead. One is bad luck, two says something much worse, so I’m after my money back and I’ll think again. A shame really as I’ve already got rid of my phantom 3.

  13. DJI should do an update for waypoints without hyperlapse. I am sure this feature would be well received.

  14. Jeff Osborne says:

    For the price. I love my DJI mini 3 pro. It’s a blast

  15. Alexis says:

    Can you got to the map and tell the drone to fly at a desire point automatically? That would be great

  16. Travis Alex says:

    Excellent video man, if you see 40 extra views in the next month, that's me. LOL

  17. Thanks this was the best video on these subjects

  18. Decade 88 says:

    For my case after i draw a box on a subject…it didnt show me the 3 modes 🙁
    Do i hv to do something first in order for the 3 modes to show up after i draw a box on my subject?

  19. Octal7 says:

    It would be interesting to see an option to automatically remove the drone's shadow from the photo or video.

  20. Dear Leader says:

    one of the best purchases for me in recent years :D…. absolutely loving it!

  21. VOO SUAVE says:

    Bom dia amigo é incrível, eu tenho e nao fiz todos os testes ainda mais estou maravilhado com essa maquina, parabéns pelo canal.

  22. You are being spammed with promises that Ive won a prize and to message the number below, no idea how you can stop this though

  23. Roben DJ says:

    Why is it 'DJI' but we call it 'DGI'?

  24. So when are you going to allow us to set the direction of the gimbal movement. I am constantly rolling it the wrong way 😛

  25. peprstepr says:

    How do you switch between taking photos or videos during POI?

  26. Seto Danu says:

    Why i dont see the range to change when tying intelligence mode

  27. Farshid R says:

    when trying the quick shots on my mavid mini 3 pro, i don't get the opetion for maxiumum flight height. can someone tell me when i am doing wrong? thanks

  28. SD says:

    So friggen cool! My master shots didn’t make an edited video at the end just the regular duration of just under 2 minutes..:I didn’t see or click that pop up video on the bottom right we this tutorial shows but will try it again on my summer lake house weekend getaway starting tomorrow!!!!!!!

  29. John Gharti says:

    Can you add more features on vertical mode sir

  30. Corey D. says:

    Is it possible to do a waypoint for regular video and set a duration for each waypoint? I would love that feature in an update if not

  31. Will the mastershots, quickshots and active track come available with supporting D-Cinelike and also framerates above 30fps while shooting in 4K? It's really the only thing missing if you'd ask me!

  32. TOMM AYLING says:


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