Do the MOE NORMAN Drill and Strike the Ball PURE Every Time!

In this video, Steve demonstrates a new drill to help your footwork and pivot by hacking into the ‘quirks’ of the Moe Norman golf swing.

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36 Replies to “Do the MOE NORMAN Drill and Strike the Ball PURE Every Time!”

  1. alan carlyon says:

    Sorry Steve, but that was nothing near Moe's swing! for one – Moe never rolled his hands over in his follow through! He had limits in his back swing and follow-through! I also notice that you hold the top of your club grip at it's highest thickness of the grip! Maybe you need club fitting (longer shafts)

  2. Your address point is on 2 planes. Nice drill with the foot but you need to be on a single plane at address.

  3. Mike Moodie says:

    I think it also allows the right elbow to easily get past the right hip, solving standing the hands up at impact.

  4. Tony Murrell says:

    Thank you TY TY TY 😅 Never hit it better, even fairway wood and driver. A personal best 9 holes today hitting more greens on or near reg.

  5. Tim Cassidy says:

    Nice to see free tips about Moe's swing. Unfortunately, some people have made a lot of money trying to peddle his swing to the masses. Moe's swing worked for Moe. There is a reason no one else plays it. For me, nothing hurts my back more than completely stretching out my arms at address. IMO Moe was not trying to produce a single plane swing. He simply was trying to reduce variables. If your arms are fully extended then they are in the exact same place every swing. I think it was as simple as that. Although I have maintained my arm position at address, I have taken on a few of Moe's principles as I have gotten older. Shortened my back swing for example and staying flat footed (or feet on the ground) through impact. Like I said it reduces variables. A long swing makes it harder to square the club and staying flat footed eliminates "rocking". Bottom line is this: You want to play well, you have to move the dirt. A golf swing cannot be bought.

  6. Edit: Great content as usual Steve. I remember a couple of years ago, I commented on one of your videos that I thought I could "take you" and you replied "take me where? I didn't bring a sweater and you're low on gas". lol. I've only recently discovered Moe Norman. At first I was doubtful to say the least. Well, a few months back I was telling some of my golfing buds about him and one of them said that his dad actually saw Moe hit balls at a course practice facility in Florida years ago. He remembered his dad coming home that evening in total awe of a man that could hit every shot, with every single club in his bag dead straight every single time.

  7. In his videos Moe said "I play into my knees" : exactly what you are showing. Great drill! Thank you Steve! Other players call it "squatting".

  8. John Villano says:

    i tell myself "low right hip"—-cleaned up a lot of low point issues—-its all "feels " people whatever you gotta tell yourself to be better….. no more early extension with this low right hip "thought "

  9. Knsel1 says:

    BTW, your not doing Moe drill just a mix of modern day drills and little bit of Moe at the end. You right foot should be almost straight (in Moe's version) just before you hit the ball, but you are bending it same way as left foot. Moe signature posture is slightly bend left foot while keeping right foot straight, and then he drags (a bit) right foot, and lifts the outside of it showing the sole of the shoe. Your drill is at best very weird, nothing like Moe's lol

  10. JR Briere says:

    Steve, I had a couple hour session on the range doing the Moe drill with the trail foot and and hips and low back are very sore. It's that typical?

  11. N G says:

    If your going to use this trail foot just go find the GGA and follow the full swing. The trail foot is a product of the rest of the swing.

  12. What would you do to stop striking the ground before you strike the ball?

  13. Good tip… I tend to over rotate which pushes my shot to the right

  14. Ray Manbert says:

    Pipeline Moe was probably one of the finest ball striker ever. Since his youth on Kitchener Ontario Canada he had some personal issues that made his life very difficult to overcome!!; Hitting great golf shots was his refuge. "Pipeline Moe" on.the golf course was one of the very best!!!

  15. cz1mmt says:

    Moe played in the PGA for a short time his style didn't match the PGA vision of golf and for whatever reason he left and is seldom recognized as one of the best. I believe his stats on hitting the fairway are outstanding. Then again the modern pro relies on resue shots to gain distance on their drives.

  16. MorGuitarz says:

    Tiger Woods called Moe the greatest ballstriker that ever lived

  17. 2:50 "I roll it to the end like Moe"

  18. PHOTOGRAPH at 2:17 …Moe high up in his right toe!!!

  19. Joe Dillon says:

    Where is this driving range?

  20. Wolf Zappe says:

    The Moe right foot position was the last position in his single plane swing. It was the result of the other five positions, beginning with the set up. If that makes you a pure ball striker with a conventional swing go for it. I was taught it was a part of the process in the single plane swing, which by the way I still find a bit difficult, even though I am a single planer.

  21. teddy thodo says:

    My issues: scooping the ball at impact and flipping at it, impacting it on my trail side, rather leading side.

    Cont: early extending because of my hands scooping so hard that my body makes compensations and stands up, to avoid hitting it fat.

    Also, this is probably the best I’ve seen your swing look! I used to copy moe norman Ala Todd Graves teaching and I would go through 3 large buckets with 0 % pain ANYWHERE in my body it was almost to the point where it was funny from how little to no pain there was by doing that feet planted by impact and rolling the feet.

  22. Shug ! says:

    I too had the pleasure of watching Moe at a local course. He made it look SO easy to hit whatever you asked.

  23. Great tip to stay low !

  24. I have been doing that for years, but have been working on trying to do the opposite by ending up on right toe on the follow through and it ruined my swing, going back to Moe's right foot method thank you

  25. Mike Rodrick says:

    This looks like an ankle injury waiting to happen if overdone. Moe was a fluke in ball striking & using only 1 piece of his puzzle likely won't fix anything. There's never been another like him & likely never will be.

  26. Jim S. says:

    I have been playing golf since 1969 and I have never seen anyone jut their knee out perpendicular to their swing path.

  27. Thanks for sharing this drill Steve. I am going to make sure that I give Mo Norman drill a try when I go to the range tomorrow Lord willing. My miss when I get tired is coming up out of the swing. But I can see that if I practice this drill it will force me to stay down through the swing.

  28. What's your take on a posted left leg i.e. no knee bend at impact vs a little bend. Its hard to keep your rump back by posting to a dead straight left leg. That chair behind the butt is helping my power, however, I am still occasionally hitting a big fatty because of years of posting onto a dead straight left leg at impact. Also, having an athletic slight bend on the left leg at impact is helping my repetitive right hip/back stiffness injury I have had since I got seriously into golf 20 years ago! I think I just need to grip down a little to compensate for years of being locked in the left leg at impact i.e. too tall

  29. Aquib Aanam says:

    Now this move is completely against Mike Austin's swing theory..
    Which boat are you in?

  30. Kennyc says:

    "Pipeline" Mo once played with Sam Snead who questioned Mo's intended use of a driver on a lay up shot before a river. Mo told him he was going over the bridge and not laying up, which, to Snead's amazement, he did!😃😃

  31. Kenny Perry, Patrick reed had that flat footed look through impact too. I think myself and most golfers would be much better going it that way as opposed to jumping off our right side a la tiger or even nicklaus/Norman who really drive the legs. Nick Price and Faldo were taught that way as youngsters and went on to win a bunch when they calmed down their lower bodies. that story about Nick price winning a bunch after spending a month or two playing and hitting every ball closed stances to calm his leg action comes to mind. I saw Price in 1995 in his prime and he hit it flush every time. Great tip Steve and very informative. Never really looked at Moe’s swing.

  32. Z- Man says:

    @2:20 Moe's heel is way off the ground and he's up on his toes.

  33. TK Benge says:

    Moe wasn't quirky, he was actually diagnosed late in his life as being autistic.

  34. Big Dave says:

    Noticed your left left moves a bit right before down swig, is that a trigger for you?

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