Do This And It WILL TRANSFORM Your Iron Shots! (Quick and Easy)


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20 Replies to “Do This And It WILL TRANSFORM Your Iron Shots! (Quick and Easy)”

  1. danh nguyen says:

    nice drill, thanks

  2. Graeme Ross says:

    Great drill Chris, well done Andrew Rice.

  3. Ray Rapp says:

    Really nice drill Chris, thanks. I have been working on something similar from your previous tutorials. I found that two things help me achieve this position at impact, which is keeping the right elbow looking more towards the ground at the top of my backswing and having a flat or even slightly bowed left wrist. Previously I would get my left wrist a bit cupped, which makes it extremely difficult to shallow the club and get the hands ahead of the ball without opening the face – just as you described.

  4. Thanks Chris. Such a brilliant and cheap way to at least check your shots and adjust accordingly. I’ll be giving this a go for sure.

  5. adfasd says:

    I thought the clubhead is traveling downwards not level with the ground

  6. rteach1 says:

    Great drill and appreciate that you gave credit to Andrew Rice. However, as I requested with regard to another recent video, I would be most grateful if you would provide the information and videography as to how the right wrist can achieve the desired goal. First of all, we swing the club with both hands. Secondly, most of us are right handed, and find it easier to manipulate and monitor what we do with that dominant hand, if only one hand is shown in a drill. Ideally, you might note how each hand moves in all videos so that everyone can completely benefit. Thank you very much for your consideration. It’s the only thing keeping you from being perfect, LOL.

  7. WazziW says:

    Chris, great video. Does this give you a sense that you should always be closing on the downswing? I get confused between shallowing the club and trying to close the face on the downswing which this drill seems to advocate. I’m sure this is where many of us are getting confused.

  8. UX Handover says:

    Chris thanks – this is another great video and explanation but I feel it's missing a critical treatment of the right elbow and right elbow rotation as a possibly more robust way to get the clubface square with the shaft lean. Can you explain back why you think left wrist to square the clubface and not right elbow? If you look at the recent Pete Cowen video on the Danny Maude channel (ignore Danny of course), he sees right elbow rotation as the critical thing to do to get the clubface square – not left wrist rotation. Another youtube video from Martin Borgmeier talks about 'hacking' golf using Bryson's technique to create a '3-d flatspot' and it's the same thing – right elbow doing it, not left wrist. Cheers

  9. Literally thought of this exact thing after your last video. It's like we share a conciousness man!!

  10. mark bradley says:

    what a fantastic drill

  11. Bob Cochran says:

    I’ve always wondered, why am I better off hitting a higher-lofted iron de-lofted with compression than a lower-lofted iron without? For example, why should I prefer hitting a de-lofted 7-iron rather than a straight-up 5-iron to the green?

  12. Huy Nguyen says:

    how do make the pointer pick-up thingy!!! BRILLIANT tip by the way! Thank you @chrisRyan

  13. Roy Close says:

    Well done Chris 👏 😊

  14. dementus420 says:

    I wish I would've seen this drill years ago. I ended up doing this move (out of pure necessity), but I used the toe of the club. I just made sure it was creating the right arc and closing down through the ball and my wrists had to accommodate the movement. I just drilled that over and over and over and over. I'm still dialing it in, but I can tell anyone who has never unlocked your wrists that you aren't really playing golf proper until you learn this. Golf is a game of compression and then spin. After you learn to compress it, then you have to get the spin under control. As much as possible anyway. Lol.

  15. Chris! This "coffee cup" drill is fantastic and something I'm going to use and visualize the next time I play an iron shot! Thanks also to Andrew Rice, who I am also subscribed with.

  16. Chris, awesome video. ❤ Mind blown.

  17. John W says:

    Great tip, very creative. Definitely will also help keeping the arms connected as well…I have a tendency to disconnect on the downswing and push to the right.

  18. Hey Chris, thanks for your tips, hinging a ball flush and with the right compression feels and sounds great.🎼
    Greetings from Germany

  19. Excellent visual, thanks for the tip.

  20. Leo Spaceman says:

    No one’s here yet

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