Do you Really Need to Hit Fairways and Greens to Shoot Low?

On this episode of 9 Gap Targets we are attempting to make birdies, hit fairways and hit greens. Can we do it?

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    34 Replies to “Do you Really Need to Hit Fairways and Greens to Shoot Low?”

    1. Keith Lucero says:

      Please use shot tracer on all your videos because gets the average person gauge more in. Your golf videos- thank you

    2. UK (1) Alex Evans Golf – chronicles of a not yet champion golfer and (2) the average golfer – amateur off 8 reviews all things golf 👍
      Good challenge – playing later so I’ll try this

    3. Nik Bier says:

      I started watching golfholics because of you Mr Short game… Coach plays superhuman against you, you’ll get him eventually ✊

    4. Next time shout out to @golfeverysecond. That kid can play

    5. Rua Toomey says:

      I am shite at hitting the driver but I hit more greens than the two of you put together. I can bend the ball both ways no problem, it’s hitting it straight that’s hard. From where you 2 are on the fairway you really should be hitting the green more

    6. fz6rider04 says:

      Liking the videos. I also love to watch you swing. Helps me to remember tempo when I am trying to play. You have a very Fred Couples like swing. If you haven't done it already I would love for you to do a video on how you have worked on your tempo or what you think about or do to be consistent with the swing. I notice the tempo you use looks the same no matter which club you are hitting. Another Fred Couples trait I would like to learn.

    7. I love you guys together it's pretty awesome

    8. Great content guys. Thank you!

    9. No social distancing at all. Wow how stupid.

    10. You guys should do a 9 hole scramble and see how low you can go

      Great video Mat

    11. this is boring Matt how about commentary and shot by shot this is jumping around all over the place no one knows what hole you are on yardage ….nothing???? maybe next time???

    12. I think the main thing is to hit greens in regulation that gives you a chance to make a birdie putt. Which normally helps but is not essential to be in the fairway!!! Another great video Matt!!

    13. Cargyle says:

      Big fan of both of you. Not a fan of this vid.

    14. Bogey Brothers in LA be part of the FAM 👍⛳👊
      👍up on this video 🥃🍺🍻

    15. steven cowan says:

      Nice mate love the music
      Funky 👌🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👊🏻

    16. Logan Barnes says:

      My high school average was 78 last season, I never hit more than 7 greens a round in those tournaments.

    17. Ted Stan says:

      Still in lock down here in the UK shorty. The new Maverik driver is still in the wrapper. Never been hit.

    18. I like the music. It’s a nice compliment to the golf shots.

    19. Just notice in front on pic .. left hand grip very neural boardline weak why?

    20. This is proof of why you shouldn’t set too high of goals because you would fustrate your self when you miss an opportunity at accomplishing your goals

    21. Do you need to hit fairways and greens to go low? It sure helps. Greens more so. Just like your moniker. It's the short game.

    22. Gregg Cheap says:

      It's the same video! Way to go

    23. Jake R says:

      Fried Eggs Golf!!!!

    24. This feels like Starsky & Hutch soundtrack music from the 70s show. Which one of you is Starsky and which is Hutch?

    25. I hit every fairway when I play! Maybe not the same fairway I am on all the time! 😜 And I just seem to shoot lower playing from the other one!

    26. Love the change that you made to watch all the ads upfront. Sometimes the ads would come in at weird times and wouldn't make sense. The video flows way better now!

    27. John Herman says:

      Matt, play some funky music. I called your home your rooster is missing you. Love your vids stay safe and send the ball to Jesus.

    28. David Golf says:

      Another cool vid and working together. You guys should do an alternate shot video and see how low you can go. I say at least 4-5 under for 9 holes. Go do it boys!!! Be safe and hit nothing but fairways and greens.

    29. Tim Billy says:

      The music reminds me of 70s porn.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    30. emerson thor says:

      my buddy jutter turned me on to this channel. I was subbed but I had to come back and hit the bell to be certain. thanks again.

      ps: if you're slicing, you're letting your hips drive your rotation instead of your shoulders. hold your hips square until your body follows. it feels like it's got no power when you're swinging for a long time but you'll be straighter on everything.

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