Does It Even MATTER?…Golf Shaft Flex Test

Does It Even MATTER?…Golf Shaft Flex Test

In this golf lesson, Matt Fryer Golf goes through a golf shaft flex test to see if flex really matters? Trying out a regular, stiff and extra stiff shaft to see how it effects the performance of the driver. Lots of golfers don’t know and potentially use the wrong shaft flex, this test may help you pick the right golf shaft for you.

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    48 Replies to “Does It Even MATTER?…Golf Shaft Flex Test”

    1. Derek N says:

      I go for fittings every few weeks just to see.
      My irons have changed 5 times
      Driver 6 times..
      That’s just after sim testing…
      Then get out on course and things change again…
      Buy something that feels good and learn to hit it.

    2. MOSES JAMES says:

      However on 3 wood … was surprised to find out that a R flex shaft + low loft comb plays pretty like a S flex. Blew my mind!

    3. I have a swing that is between 105 and 108 mph. I used to use a stiff flex shaft. I was inconsistent with misses and my average drives were 250yards. I switched to a regular shaft and slowed my swing to 95 to 98 mph. I am now hitting the ball 270, on average, and I have consistent misses. Additionally, a slower driver swing is less intense on the body both long term and during the round.

    4. I have always struggled with driver and went for a fitting a couple of tears ago been told with my swing/ball speed needed a reg shaft but still struggled … found my dream driver 2016 m2 but had a 95g stiff shaft and thought hey ho lets try it as the price was too good to turn down now hitting better and straighter still only getting 200yrds of carry but rather have that straight than a slice!

    5. Tom Thumb says:

      I'm 62 and was struggling with my reg flex driver until I purchased a G400 with a tour stiff shaft and its been Brilliant for me I'm not the longest but at least I'm hitting the fairway more often than not

    6. I'd rather hit more fairways than get more distance

    7. Thomas Leith says:

      Regular, Stiff, and Extra Stiff are almost meaningless, as Mr. Stephens here hinted at towards the end.

      What I take away from this is poor dispersion might mean my shaft is too flexy, no matter what the label says. More likely it means I need to practice more. But if I think I get good solid contact every time, I think I make a good setup every time and I just can't figure it out…

    8. I bought a used set of clubs and didn’t realize the shaft on the driver was a senior flex. I went out today and hit a stiff flex and x stiff. Immediately felt and saw the difference. Hooks were all but gone. Definitely going to swap out the shaft asap.

    9. KL says:

      I have a pretty average swing speed, 95 to 100, but an X is definitely tighter and longer because of my short T-Rex arms. I think most golfers have similarly fast tempo, probably faster, and would benefit from playing an X. But I'm seen some buddies turn white like they've seen a ghost when they give my Ventus Black X a swing. Perception is huge, I guess.

    10. Way it works is if your swing speed is max 95mph a regular shaft will suit better than stiff or extra stiff,if your swing is over 100 mph then regular shaft will be wayward like you proved in this video.i use a regular shaft i was trying to bomb it every shot and found it to wayward mainly going left,but then i slowed my swing now its much better,i can still hit 270/280 which isnt bad

    11. Peter Toplis says:

      I was told the big lads who hit 400 yards don't use supper strong shafts as they use the whip of it to help them ok I think they have very high tek shafts but still interesting

    12. I can get away with Regular on my irons, but driver / 3 wood, I just feel the head move too much. I now use stiff throughout my clubs.

    13. Captain Nemo says:

      I think it can be much more individual, than looking up a swing speed chart. Your friend Rick Shiels did the same and even went down to light flex and his data showed very little difference, in both distance and spread. Personally, I am a bit of a strange case: I play with one arm only, which leads to quite a few differences in swing mechanics. Despite that handicap, my drive averages about 105 mph and about 240 carry, which often puts me even ahead in distance of most of my friends of the same age. Yet I play all clubs, including driver, with light flex carbon shafts and I love it. I absolutely hate the feeling of stiff shafts and when I tried them, I was shorter and all over the place. I found that an 8.5 degrees light flex driver gives me the best performance, which ought to be one of the weirder combinations out there. Granted my case is probably rather unique and hardly useful for the average comparison, I still wanted to mention it since maybe someone will find it interesting. 🙂

      EDIT: I have a very slow tempo, friends always "complain" how it can look like i am doing nothing and still get 240 carry.

    14. MidLifeBiker says:

      Flex or shaft weight a bigger differentiator?
      I use a stiff 60g shaft playing at 45" as my "Goldilocks" for feel and timing.
      I can use a regular but dont like 40 or 50g, too whippy….

    15. I would say it does. I had a graphite stiff shaft on my driver. Not knowing what I was looking for I got a steel regular flex and it’s way too flexible makes the club feel heavy. Even heavier once it’s being swung

    16. Bob Pegram says:

      All I know is stiffer shafts flex less which makes swing timing differences make less of a difference in shot dispersion. It also reduces shaft droop which makes it easier to hit the center of the face.

    17. Robert Yu says:

      I have found that swing weight has the most influence on my ability to sense where the club head is during my swing. This enables me to swing the club head on a better swing path and make better strikes.

    18. Al Revels says:

      You went from cold to warm to hot. Does starting off cold make a difference when testing flex on shafts?

    19. paul baker says:

      I got fitted with tsi3 stiff and have lost about 20yrds.
      Went back to my m6 in reg much better

    20. Why not also test light (senior) vs. ladies shafts for women?

    21. Merkeva 1 says:

      I use dg ti x100 and i hit my old (ns pro 95 stiff ) irons today, it feels really good but it goes twice as high as my gamers. the launch angle is very similar but peak height is 20 yards higher from spin loft so if i hit a fade or a draw i have to aim way more left or right depending on the shot. club head speed and ball speed is higher but same distance.

    22. Stannie says:

      I was struggling with my Sim and regular shaft, changed to a stiff and alot better. Can actually hit right to left now

    23. Clint Knight says:

      Your swing doesn’t like the “kick” in a regular shaft…or it could be the shaft spline too.

    24. So my question is why? What are the physics of different shafts. Why do they produce different flight profiles?

    25. You should have started with that reg shaft..

    26. Dispersion over distance – any day every day. Because of where I live and fitting is not an option I play what I have available. That being said, I am going to assemble my clubs myself next with shafts and grips I ASSUME will be good for me.

    27. Don't floppy shafts give more distance at the expense of accuracy.

    28. Glanemann says:

      I have a average swing speed 95mph. I think maybe with a stiff, I might get a better result. I might have to go get fitted with a new shaft.

    29. Dan Story says:

      Of course it doesn't matter. That's why there are so many choices. :/

    30. Of course it matters!

    31. Actually, I think the flex is not as imporant as torque and weight.

    32. Matt Kyle says:

      This video makes it even crazier to me Kyle Berkshire uses a regular flex

    33. Matt Ive always been a sort of big hitter currently hit driver about 270
      I changed from x stiff to stiff and again to regular after 2 years
      I find I have more confidence off tee with the whippy lighter regular shaft
      Now that I’m hitting it long with this should I get fitted for a shaft or just keep with what I have

    34. How about steel shafts. I'm old enough to remember clubs sold with True Temper steel shafts. Good or bad?

    35. Not an accurate result because you used a hand crafted Project X for the X flex your really just fining the difference between stock and premium.

    36. humor says:

      it matters a lot for poor players… I currently run a 75tx for my driver. although my distance is down to 250ish it is extremely stable, the club face never twist open or close on bad hits, I can also hit it off fairways.

    37. TheZatopek77 says:

      It would be great to see what are results if golfer who hit 185yards drives do this same test, maybe add lite shaft to test.

    38. vegasgolf25 says:

      I am doing my first proper fitting ever next week. I don't know what I don't know. Can't wait to learn something new. Thanks for the education.

    39. Terry Brewer says:

      I was fitted with a stiff flex shaft and there was another detail with the shafts that I was surprised to learn about. There are 4 different stiff flex shafts that looked identical (same brand) that had a different color band near the grip. The different color bands determine where the break, or flex, point in the shaft is located. I hit all 4 of them and was shocked to see it actually made a difference in the accuracy.

    40. I am down to A Flex due to my slow speed – yes, it matters!!!
      Additionaly I do use a Draw biased driver to offset and transfer the from time to time fast swings into a moderate fade, still finding the Fairways

    41. Coo Bay says:

      Now let's see someone with a slower swing speed test senior flex to stiff. That would probably be more helpful for most people.

    42. Jeff Fischer says:

      If you want to be able to hit a spicy draw, try a flexier shaft. Just my experience.

    43. JD says:

      It's not so much flex its more weight. you should do a video on different weights

    44. A W says:

      Find what feels best for you and save your money on fittings and brand new clubs! If it feels good it will go further as your confidence grows, if it feels crap move on. Doesnt Tiger use reg flex in his driver, only?? Dont buy into the marketing and think spending money will make you a better golfer.

    45. I’ve got some old cobra irons that I love and I’m not looking to upgrade. I’ve still got the original grips and shafts. I noticed that American Golf do re shafting and re gripping. Would you suggest doing this?

    46. Erick Bauer says:

      Dispersion every time.

    47. I'd happily give up some yards to hit more fairways. 250 in the middle "every" time is better than 290 but dropping out of the trees! But that's just me.

    48. Barry Murton says:

      What you have been like with a flexible/senior shaft?

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