Does Your Backswing Really Matter??

20 Replies to “Does Your Backswing Really Matter??”

  1. Snowy Kerr says:

    The club dont give a shit no matter what 😅

  2. Where can I find a swing path calculator like this? I’ve signed up for lessons and it gives me the body angles and movements but it does not bring up the swing path

  3. Phil Wells says:

    And the face doesn't give a S%$& about where the shaft is swinging. I can hit any shot shape inward or outward.

  4. Phil Wells says:

    I agree it doesn't matter much. I think weight and leverage matters, but the club position is not so important. At transition, the club is still very maneuverable, so what happens before isn't too critical.

  5. So you’ve told us about the club path and the angle from inside to outside.

    But not what it does to the ball.
    Your opening statement “does the ball care about the backswing”

    Haven’t told us anything on what it does to ball spin side or otherwise and what flight path the ball will take.

  6. Can you explain this to me in auto tune ? I learn faster

  7. Rick Dodgy says:

    So does the ball care?? I’m not sure that question was really answered

  8. This is surely correct, but it ignores the question of whether the rerouting process is just as repeatable as a backswing which involves little or no rerouting for the same level of athleticism.

  9. C B says:

    LMAO. Ok captain obvious

  10. The ball doesn’t care what you do. But It certainly does mater when you come way from the inside and have to roll your wrists just to get through the shot. Hello big hook.

  11. Had to say it, Jim furyk has the worst backswing of professional history but he's one of the greatest!

  12. Mat M says:

    First of all a consistent backswing and certsin positions promote and encourage a consistent golf swing. A second thing to think about and one many weekend golfers will not understand is spin, speed and distance control. Hitting straight or hitting a shape u want is the easy bit once u get good at golf. The golf ball when it comes to line and shape of the shot as u say for sure does not give a crap how ur path and loft get there. When you dig deeper and get to compression, spin and clubspeed ur positions absolutely matter. The less rotation through impact, less hands the more consistent u will be in distance and spin control. If u have a body release with forward shaft lean u remove excess rotation and u get the consistency in spin and distance. If u have excessive movements or "compensations" this is not possible…even with correct path and an accurate ball launch angle. Ur compression and club / ball speed will vary alot more than a simple compact swing that hits proven checkpoints taught by a great coach and proven with statistical averages and positions within the golf swing of pga tour players

  13. Dale Howie says:

    You have to be in control of your transition. Yes the golf ball “doesn’t know” but … it’s not going to help the vast majority watching this. There’s a reason top players are trying to hit good positions through out the swing!! so there’s less compensations needed to hit the ball. Rotation is always key .. efficient rotation after a good take away !

  14. Last shot was spies to be out in but number came up in out. Why no one else mentioning this ?!

  15. Sons of War says:

    When isolating making a number change, sure any backswing works. But trying to make 72 shots happen with consistent strike and shot shape; it likely matters quite a lot.

  16. The ball doesn’t give a sh#% but your score card might.

  17. This is so true the only positions that truly matter are impact and pre impact as you want some consistency

  18. Straight, straighter, straightest

    Putt, putted, in the hole

    Play golf 👍🏿, play golf swing 👎🏿

  19. D3adOrAlive says:

    That must be why its so fucking hard

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