DON'T Buy The Galaxy Watch 6 Before Seeing This!

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Watch 6:
Flip 5:
Fold 5:
Tab S9:

I was incredibly excited for to pre-order the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic when I learned about the return of the rotating bezel, upgraded processor, brighter and larger screen, new one click watch bands, and improved sleep and fitness features. That is, until I learned about three significant issues with the Watch 6. These issues are significant enough that some would consider the Watch 6 a downgrade, despite the added features. Stay tuned to see if you should buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 or skip it.

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29 Replies to “DON'T Buy The Galaxy Watch 6 Before Seeing This!”

  1. Techisode TV says:

    šŸ”½Limited Time EXCLUSIVE Discount Links (affiliate):šŸ”½

    Watch 6:

    Flip 5:

    Fold 5:

    Tab S9:

  2. Je Gar says:

    is the band for watch 6 compatible with the watch 5?

  3. Bedankt nog bestelln

  4. S_TV_KW says:

    is it have heart rate on display face ( real time) same Fitbit and Garmin or i need to open app to see my heart rate ???

  5. Trey Drier says:

    The GPS tracker is alarming. Why does the 6 not have it? I probably would not have used it but I know people who do and this is a glaring omission if proven true.

  6. Natacha says:

    Wait 6 months if you want the GW6pro…..šŸ˜Š

  7. Doron Ariel says:

    I think you might have a mistake there at 4:29 of your video. The new watch has 4 positioning systems like the pro5. The route tracking is indeed missing but it's a s/w issue which can be achieved using 3rd party apps

  8. $50 promotion worked! Thanks. Plus trade-in the classic is seriously discounted.

  9. I'm upgrading from a S3 Frontier to a Watch 6 Classic. I can't use current apps that newer watches can and I have about 38% battery after a 15 hour day. I am looking forward to the new watch. I will miss the look of my S3 and all in all the watch has been extremely durable for as old as it is.

  10. Mor M21 says:

    I have the watch 3 and 4 and the watch 6 looks amazing

  11. I have the watch 5 pro and I don't get anywhere near 80hrs Mayne 35/40 max.

  12. bcardellini says:

    Not seeing $50 off with your link. Am I too late already?

  13. Lucas says:

    So whatsapp come to both new watches? 6 an 6 classic?

  14. y tf would any want less battery, lmaoo

  15. Patience J. says:

    They must pay you to say that. Phone is awesome stop hating

  16. hi! thank you for your video, I'm currently using the Watch Active 1, should I just upgrade to the 6 or save money and get the 5? Honestly apart from the screen, battery and a new product, is the difference between the 2 worth it? thank you!

  17. Steve Newman says:

    i get 4 days charge on 5 pro.. with some features disabled waiting for 6 pro were they thinking..with 1 day charge…poor design meant only to compete with apple watches garmin watch gets 20 days .. lithium for battery's gets expensive these days..

  18. Jerry says:

    The GW5 Pro is one ugly watch. Samsung messed up with that one. Rugged doesn't need to mean ugly. Just look at the Apple watch Ultra for example.

  19. Samsung is so weird with their batteries but I guess light+small is what they're prioritizing. I've got small wrists, but the huge battery size of the 44mm over my past two 40s has me sold. I know they say they get similar batt lives but I don't see why a 44 would be close if you keep the AOD off w batt sizes of 300 vs 425. w my 5 sometimes once a day isn't quite enough especially if forget or take just a quick shower instead of shaving–then it doesn't get high enough, or I wake up the next morning with an 8% watch. And for someone who adores the sleep tracking (and other health stuff during the day)… I have slight battery anxiety with my 40mm, just like w my old 4. The slight increase in the new 40mms doesn't have me convinced, just like the previous.

  20. Thought Loop says:

    When in Snapchat coming to wear os?

  21. Lina Gosteva says:

    Thanks, so much! these things don't really bother me- this has been my dream watch for ages and im finally getting it, thnak you for telling us, you helped HEAPS of people out there! Kepp doing what you are doing! Luv you guys!

  22. DzoviS says:

    Sike, already bought.

  23. Goku Saiyan says:

    Heavy is good and who cares about battery life haha

  24. I thought about trading in my watch 5 pro but i use my watch at the gym for fitness tracking and it seems like the watch 5 pro is the better choice

  25. Bam Pirapat says:

    I love the 5pro with the 6 classic design, hey SAMSUNG notice my needs LOL.

  26. SimplyCali says:

    I just pre-ordered. I'm still rocking my OG galaxy watch

  27. Classic and Pro are different user groups. I dont need the gpsx or whatever to find my way out of the gym. what I need tho is the ability to scroll while holding dumbells. SInce the screens are AMOLED. there should be an option not use the extra screen. Just pretend the screen is the same as last year and have a black/off ring around the UI

  28. galaxy watch 4 classic still the best

  29. I'm still rocking my gear s3 frontier. Is it worth upgrading?

    (Sarcasm, I'm know it'd be worth it. I did pre-order the watch 6.)

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