Don’t Get Shafted Buying Golf Clubs #shorts

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    48 Replies to “Don’t Get Shafted Buying Golf Clubs #shorts”

    1. Gavin Pate says:

      Watch one of them become the best mistake ever built haha

    2. What About grips ?? I bought new clubs. Let someone hit them. “How do u hit those with those grips it slides out of hand.” Um they are new 😢

    3. JAG says:

      Don't the m2 irons faces cave in too?

    4. Ric Blic says:

      or if the price is low enough there is such a thing as getting a club reshafted with the matching shaft, just saying

    5. Rob Hart says:

      It’s pretty obvious in graphite shafts, but I’m steel that would be trickier to spot

    6. Chris Died says:

      Why would a store put it on display?

    7. If I was buying my first set getting into golf I would totally be the person to buy a set like that

    8. Super cool. Hope you two keep it up.

    9. Golf scalper here to educate? 🤣🤣🤣

    10. DougODallas says:

      Thanks for the tip.

    11. Luke Surtees says:

      This comment to go under the radar

    12. Golfing Geek says:

      Your finds and bargaining skills are equally as STEALTH as the 2-for-1 Taylormade drivers you found. Love the work and keep on finding the grail clubs and great gear 👊😎

    13. Lucas White says:

      Love the shorts! 😂😂

    14. Mizuno = the most overrated hype, crap ever. Total and utter crap for the price they ask. I can do better with a 99.00 Costco set., period, F Mizuno


    15. I search out mismatched sets because they're cheaper lol

    16. Grant Martin says:

      Great tip. Thanks for the heads up

    17. Allen DeWitt says:

      Yep happens to me though it took me months to figure it out same shaft brand never thought the flex was different

    18. as long as the flex and weight r the same what does it matter…

    19. Tyler Burke says:

      Eeewww mismatched shaft is so cringy

    20. bsn001 says:

      Dicks and golf galaxy used prices are absurd.

    21. Chris D says:

      If you get to the point you need to switch to graphite shafts for irons, you should just quit.

    22. FamousOne77 says:

      That Mizuno set is definitely way lower than I've seen before!

    23. Rickyfyied says:

      M2s are so pretty though! lmao

    24. Victor Davis says:

      Because you you guys I now look at shafts not just clubs. Thanks

    25. S. Chow says:

      Love you guys! Keep up the good work. And come to CA and we’ll go thrifting!

    26. Craig Gerard says:

      as usual, another great learning experience

    27. G Thomps says:

      Love the content! Keep it up.

    28. titanlife559 says:

      Great advice, I know I would never get shafted with a mismatched set!

    29. Helmina G says:

      What a good deal!!!

    30. Mike Mixon says:

      Thanks for the info

    31. Those Hot Metals are so nice.

    32. M Angelo says:

      Words of wisdom from the master

    33. Dlux_Wrld says:

      Thanks for the advice legends

    34. Sieg Martil says:

      Looks like the M2 PW has the mismatched shaft. It’s not common anymore to have a different flex for the wedges?

    35. DannyBoy says:

      Don't get shafted. I like what you've done there John. 🤣

    36. Good for buyers not for sellers

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