DQ'd for playing off the incorrect handicap?! STUPID GOLF RULES! #EP82

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    39 Replies to “DQ'd for playing off the incorrect handicap?! STUPID GOLF RULES! #EP82”

    1. GDTrading says:

      I wish there was more juniors playing every weekend, many likely don't agree. However many of us don't like playing with stuffy old fools every week. (i am 47). Although i do have 1 stipulation ….. an adult is making their card and any nearest to pins etc are signed by adults. Otherwise .. more the better, from what i can see this game is in a terrible place and juniors need encouraging.

    2. There's a rule for this already. You CAN play from a lower handicap and if you do you must use it for the comp. You are ONLY disqualified for signing a card with a higher handicap.

      The committee broke the rules in this case.

    3. Bob Povey says:

      It’s a bit like tiger, I think it was in the 2012 or 2013 masters , when tiger incurred a 2 shot penalty and didn’t count it on his final total and signed for a lower score than he actually had. The rule states that if you sign for a lower score than you actually take you are disqualified but tiger wasn’t. And went on to make the cut, he didn’t just steal 2 shots he stole 2 shots of every player in the tournament. What kind of committee discussion took place to let him qualify So where is it fair on this kid, the committee should be ashamed of themselves because everything he did was totally correct and in accordance with the rules of golf thee results should have stood, that’s the trouble with most committees the inconsistency to Enforce the rules correctly. now if his kids name was tiger woods.

    4. amb squared says:

      When I was a junior at our municipal club, student membership was just $45 a year. But students 17 and under couldn’t play weekends without an adult in the party, were restricted to teeing off before 1PM on men’s day (Thursdays), and after 2 or 3 on ladies’ day (Wednesday). Mondays were maintenance days and most people were not allowed on course before 1PM, except they let us play if we were on the high school team. They showed us how to lock the sprinklers so we could take a shot, then we had to unlock them as we played on. Of course every once in a while you might “accidentally” unlock the sprinkler while your friend was taking his shot.

    5. M C says:

      The argument about membership fees doesn’t hold water..

      At most clubs around here there are way more membership categories, for example..

      Between 18/25 pay a different membership than 26/30, 31/35 etc. Though all being classed as full members..

      Then there’s the senior categories where they get discounted fees when they reach a certain age or number of years being a member..

      It wouldn’t surprise me if the members paying “the full subscription” was actually in the minority, or close to it..

      My way of thinking.. If you’re good enough to play, you can play. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    6. I wonder if the old guys were actually thinking of Ollie’s future. What’s the rule about amateur status and prize money?

    7. How does the new golf handicapping system for amateurs make sense. On a par 5 if you double stroke on it but bomb it you have to write down a 9 thus making our handicaps go out. BUT when you play in any club competitions (this is in South Africa) you have to play of 85% of your handicap index. My feeling is that the first ruling causes most amateur golfers to play of an inflated handicap. What is your take on this?

    8. I was playing at a course today that I have just joined.on one of the holes there is overhead power lines and the guy that was playing with me hit them with his drive the ball basically ended back at the tee. What would the ruling on this be( play your 2nd as it lies)?

    9. Matt Hill says:

      This is BS. The committee is wring. If he is play below his HC he can’t be dqd.

    10. Hey we know how we were as kids

    11. Just wondering from USA, when you guys talk about "junior members" are you talking about grownups under a certain age (like must be under 35) paying a reduced fee for memebership privileges, OR children of members who have access to the club because their parent is a member?

      Edit just to add: at my club there are "junior members" and "juniors" (juniors are members' kids)

    12. The tempo of this video 🤣

    13. MrEddiyOwen says:

      that's absolutely disgusting

    14. Htafc_Ethan says:

      What is the point paying for the competition but not being able to win a prize

    15. Htafc_Ethan says:

      I won a men's comp the other day but I couldn't get the trophy because I was a junior

    16. Why do you talk about golf ball, golf club and not ball and club? What else would they be if you are playing golf!

    17. I had the reverse happen to me. Amateur tournament here in Utah, i was in the second flight which means all the insanely good golfers should be in the first flight and not playing for my winnings. Kid shows up with a 15 handicap and proceeds to shoot a 63 for the day. When that happened everyone went ballistic since it became obvious this kid had sandbagged for the second flight.
      Do people experience sandbagging or was what happened to me a fluke?

    18. Rick sounds like he made out with a helium balloon before this video

    19. Jon Always says:

      Club was definitely wrong dqing the junior for hcap.
      Another issue clubs have with juniors playing during adult comps is they really need to have a child protection policy in place.

    20. Steve Waters says:

      Has rick inhaled helium 🤪⛳

    21. The committee was right. The pro was wrong for even letting the kid compete in the first place. Handicaps are not some arbitrary number (sandbagging aside), and they have a decided effect on the net score. If the young lad had an OFFICIAL handicap of 28, different story.

    22. mistamichal says:

      Surely players in a comp have right of way over someone just wanting a hit? So that group of 2 adults and 2 juniors would have right of way over the guy that just wanted a hit and couldn't get a tee time at 10.

    23. Tommy Tank says:

      Golf rules are stupid because people with OCD invent them

    24. Andrew Nolan says:

      When I was a young junior many moons ago part of our reduced membership cost was the rule that you couldn’t book tee times before 10am on weekends or federal holidays. Looking back I think that’s pretty reasonable.

    25. Your supposed to know, it’s your responsibility,no one else’s….end of😳🙁🤥😎

    26. andy wilson says:

      Can't listen or watch these podcasts anymore, can't stand guy,irritating and bigheaded

    27. maybe if you cant drive over 200 yds might be a good idea open courses for them,i feel its not about the juniors behaviour its about the olders feeling they have an unfare advantage but what do i know i cant afford a membership for most places

    28. lets open clubs where over 50s cant play see how they like it mind you im 45 if someone is moaning about youth on corses its probbably just not at there golf clubs ther moaning

    29. This committee is incorrect if the DQ was due to playing off a handicap lower than actual:
      Rule 3.3b(4) Scoring in Handicap Competition. The player is responsible for making sure that his or her handicap is shown on the scorecard. If the player returns a scorecard without the right handicap: ….. Handicap on Scorecard Too Low. There is no penalty and the player’s net score stands using the lower handicap as shown.
      However how many committees would correct a player to playing off scratch if they fail to enter a handicap on their card?

      If you want to give the committee the benefit of the doubt maybe Oli didn't have an official handicap at the time (its not quite clear with the phrase "given a handicap of…").

      Any new golfer, especially juniors, should be encouraged and welcomed into golf. They often improve very quickly and their handicap can't keep up with their ability. I can understand club rules (or terms of competition) setting handicap limits for entry into any competition. Also some competition may be limited to members of a certain section of the club or have age limits imposed (e.g. Seniors comps). One thing I would say is that all members (Juniors, Ladies, Men) should be able to participate in the club championship – playing off scratch and off the same tees.

      When I'm refereeing. Juniors are a pleasure, happy to learn when they are uncertain about a rule and accepting of whatever the ruling happens to be. The parents can be a bit different however….

    30. Jay Walk444 says:

      I have no issue with juniors in all comps, as long as they are good enough and play off the same tees etc. But more generally we do have a tee time issue at my vlub now. Basically if i want to play in a comp and the online booking sheet goes up at 8:00 in the evening two weeks beforehand, then you basically have 30 minutes to sign up, after that the spaces are all gone. So if you xant be online at that time, or dont know if you can play or not two weeks before, then you cant get in. This issue is not caused by junior members, but if there were loads of them signing up for the adult comps and making this issue worse then i can see why this would be a problem, given that they have their own comps too.

    31. Matt Cook says:

      I think they view it as a sandbag which is a massive problem in these comps. I have friends who are scratch who won't play in "Net Score" tournaments. My local club championship, a guy who was playing off 22 went out and shot 73. One of the guys playing with him said the ball striking ability was that of a PGA pro level. The way my club handled it was they gave him the prize but did not award him with the championship and decided to award it to lowest gross score which was high 60s. They banned him from the tournament the following year and wouldn't let him participate moving forward if he didn't start being honest with his scores.

    32. we don't have many juniors at my club, pity, but some of us were juniors at one stage and most of us played far more golf that the adult members, Im 63 now and look forward to having to let juniors through as most often they are better, hit the ball further and get on with their game hence quickening the pace. Slow play is another story but juniors should be encouraged to play in comps, they are the future of golf.

    33. Maybe juniors should have weekday memberships with afternoon on weekends

    34. gav2759 says:

      Juniors have always faced this. You would think that those who were my junior contemporaries, would be more enlightened now that they are the "old committee members. Sadly not

    35. There are many adults at my club who don’t know the rules or bend them, leather wedge etc, I think if they went out with junior players they would bend the rules even more, if they won’t to play let them play, we where all young once🏌🏾‍♂️

    36. Rick has stolen Guys voice 😂.

    37. Have you pitch shifted the audio?

    38. i played my knockout last night other player said we were off the same handicap he won but i checked today he should of been off one shot lower rules state hes dq but secretary said i was out of time anybody clarirfy this for me

    39. Not rule related but my wife who generally shoots in the mid 80's got in on one of our Thursday night skin games. No one objected and was happy to take her entry fee. She birdied one of the short par 3's and some of the older guys were furious and proclaimed how unfair it was. We all thought this was funny of course, seeing as she gets no shots and there are two par 4's on the front nine that she can't even reach in two. I asked them what club they used on the par 3 she birdied and they all said 6 iron. I said that is what she used as well, so how is that unfair again? Amazing how petty people can be about a game.

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