DRF Kentucky Derby Webinar 2023

Join Brad Free and Andy Beyer as they discuss this year’s Grade 1 Kentucky Derby. Get your PPs now at Shop.DRF.Com

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44 Replies to “DRF Kentucky Derby Webinar 2023”

  1. garylobo3 says:

    Andy, I've loved you since the 1970s… read all your books and even wrote you a letter way back when, to which you responded quickly. You're my horse racing hero. But the KD has always eluded you, despite your winner two years ago. Here, your sacking of Mage, saying you don't see him finishing in the top 10, saddened me. 7:45. He ran such a promising race in the FL Derby, just missing to Forte and was 15-1 morning line in KY. There are too many factors in the KY Derby to just count on the figs. Fess up, my hero. What's your overall record in picking winners on the first Saturday in May since you started publishing them in the 1970s? Whatever that low number is, I still admire and respect you so much.

  2. DontLookBack says:

    there is nothing classy about anyone/anything connected to horse racing…7 horses dead in one week at Churchill….shut the entire mess down!!!

  3. Dab King says:

    1.Derma Sotogake 2.Mandarin Hero 3.Forte 4.Mage & EX 1$ Box $24 $1 tri box $24 😎

  4. Angelo says:

    Beyer figure

  5. jerold chin says:

    When will a horse be named Run for the Roses to be entered the Kentucky Derby and a horse named The Final Countdown to be entered the final leg of the triple crown the Belmont Stakes but all in all the Superstar in this year Derby is none other than Derma Sotogake this is Japan's time to shine end of story

  6. WRONG! Post 17 is the Bermuda Triangle!

  7. Now, The Lord is telling me that some of those who read my earlier comment, think that I am looking for someone to give me a winner???

    I will make a small bet on the winning horse for This Kentucky Derby & an Exacta & a Triple, WITHOUT boxing anything; one straight exacta and one straight triple. And I can show you a screenshot of my bet as a way to PROVE it to you. Will this convince you? I can do it as many times as need be. But will this convince you? Let me know…

  8. Todd Norris says:

    I've read all the fort/forte comments but what is most absurd to me is that in all of his races this past year, every announcer, every analyst has pronounced his name For-tay. It makes me wonder if these two have ever watched him run live, or in a replay in a medium where sound is involved. Maybe all they do is read the DRF. The mispronunciation also sticks in my craw musically speaking.

  9. Manuel Eda says:

    Sometimes speed figures don’t fire. figure wise, this is a weak field, anybody’s race.

  10. Adam Wigley says:

    Brad free doesn’t think post position matters in the derby and he gets paid to do these videos.

  11. Joaco Solbes says:

    the big question is, is there a live underdog in this race?🤨

  12. What If Our Three Champions Had Run With Derma Sotogake In That Dubai World Cup Race Would He Have Won Or Even Place,, America Didn’t Send Their Best,,,,🏆🇯🇲🇺🇸 Mr. KeenObserVatioN 🇺🇸🇯🇲🏆

  13. This Derby bunch should be downgraded to an Allowance….

  14. Max Vallejo says:

    I pronounce it 40.

  15. Fort and For-tay are both accepted and here's why. Forte etymology is Latin (Fortis). The term was adopted by France and Italy. In France, it's pronounced Fort and it's generally used to speak of, describe, or as an adjective of strength or/and stoutness (i.e an structure). In Italy, Forte is used to describe or speak about strength or/and loudness, but its also the term used to describe the strongest part of the blade used in the sport of Fencing, which was originated in Italy and later perfected in France. In Italy, the pronunciation is For-tei (no matter what is being referred to) which sounds in English as For-tay. As of how Forte (the horse) should be pronounced, I believe it's For-tei (or For-tay), given that his owner is Italian-American, he paid for the colt, and he refers to him For-tei (For-tay). By the way, if you go to a French restaurant dont ask for a Torte unless you want to be laugh at 😂. Torte is a German term adopted from the Latin torta via Itlay. The chocolate torte confection is called Sachertorte, originated in Vienna, Austria in the 1830s, a period when the Austrian Empire kept the German as one of their official languages (as they do today). If you go to an authentic French restaurant ask for a gâteau, unless they have real Sachertorte in the menu. The reason why Torte is strictly pronounced Tort is the German rooted adoption from the Latin kept out the A (Tort-a), which the Italian kept intact. Forte can have two pronunciations because the term was adopted by the French and the Italian, two different Latin divergent Languages with different enunciation but that kept the structure of the word intact. Keep in mind, that, from all the Latin divergent languages, the Italian is the most similar language to the Latin in word structure, enunciation and pronunciation.

  16. Mike says:

    It's the Derby, just count on a fast pace. Trying to predict slow pace is a longshot..

  17. J M says:

    It is FOR- TAY
    Forte which is strength.
    “ That’s his Forte …. His Strength. “

  18. Brett Ossman says:

    Love all the info I hadn't heard at all yet, and much of it trumps what I was considering.
    And those selections, WOW 🙂

  19. My favorite horses in the Derby are Madge, Tapeet Truss, Angle of Empiray, and Practical Mauve.

  20. Al Mell says:

    Andy is a genius.

  21. K S says:

    Pletcher is just second fiddle Derby Trainer. One of the worst all time! He just got lucky twice.

  22. 1 of these 3 horses is winning this KY Derby Tapit Trice Angel of Empire and the Japan horse UAE Derby winner Two Phil's who I have rated 4th don't see him as a win candidate but can see him on the ticket Forte will go off the Derby favorite and he's a toss for me solid horse no question just don't like him in this specific race if he beats me he beats me that's horseracing but for this specific race he's a toss not only will Forte not win this KY Derby but I'm also predicting he will be out of the money WPS and further then that he will be OTB Off The Board Tapit Trice is the most talented horse in this field not thrilled with his 5PP however and his 1 flaw gate issues is abig concern in a 20 horse field the 2 biggest threats to him are Angel of Empire and this UAE Derby winner

  23. Big Possum says:

    The graphic for BC JUVI WINNERS needs to be expanded. For those of us who play supers 2021 EQ FINSHED 4TH. Yes, not top 3 , Yes hard to age into a 3yr but if youre playing a super… you got to throw a BC juvi winner in there. He made it this far.

  24. dannashsongs says:

    How can you guys possibly be pronouncing his name wrong? What the AF?? It’s For-TAY for Christ sakes. What is happening??

  25. victor freed says:

    Andy Beyer is such a class act. Thank you for your pioneering efforts in pace handicapping. I think betting on horses is fun and mind expanding. Good luck.

  26. Excellent video. Beyer is the King. Small, tiny, molecular mistake at 25:28. MENDELSSOHN (USA) b. H, 2015 {23-b} time of 1:55.18 was just a wee bit quicker than the 1:55.81 time of DERMA SOTOGAKE (JPN) ch. C, 2020 {12}. But I dare to comment about this great analysis. Beyer was a maestro picking Medina Spirit.

  27. Rick Baldwin says:

    I had Medina Spirit….

  28. David Turco says:

    Whst continues to make me sick about so many talking heads like Ande Beyer is mindlessly dissing Mendellson. The fact is that he was body slammed right out of the gate and the jockey rightly centered him around the track as his race was over immediately. But these fools always laugh him off like he was a joke. No, he proved to be better than most of that field.

  29. Rick Baldwin says:

    If they don't press Johnny Vee,they'll be sorry.

  30. Brad…fort? Really?

  31. David Turco says:

    By the wat Drema Sotogake beat west coast/Baffert darling, Worcester, by about 30 lengths in the UAE derby. He also ran better than Country Grammer who ran on the sane track that day.

  32. David Turco says:

    Just can't get past that these 2 can't pronounce the favorites name properly. Also, Beyer has always been heavily California biased.

  33. James OHara says:

    It is Fortay Not fort

  34. James Sills says:

    Bonzai! Andy is going full Kamikaze.

  35. Mark Landau says:

    Forte, the word, is also an Italian word. In Italian, the e is pronounced. His owners have Italian surnames, not French.

  36. They have a point about Derma Sotogaki's speed. He just may run away with this, thus quashing two curses in one fell swoop–actually three, the Japanese horse, the UAE horse, and the 17th PP horse.

  37. Robert Bryer says:

    Are trainers taking on too many horses now

  38. JayAr709 says:

    Entertaining. Informative.

  39. jack woods says:

    These 2 Love to say Horses Names Wrong…Thinks it Makes Them Look Smart in Some Weird Way…The Horses Name is Clearly Spelled Out For You

  40. Tim Burke says:

    Are you really going to trust a couple of guys who can't even pronounce the Favorite's name correctly!!!

  41. God, learn how to say "Forte"….

  42. Scorpion L says:

    very informative and well explained this analysis of the Run of the Roses race..

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