Driver vs Iron – The Set Up Explained In 30 Seconds! #shorts #golf

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    9 Replies to “Driver vs Iron – The Set Up Explained In 30 Seconds! #shorts #golf”

    1. Chris Greco says:

      The best 30 second golf lesson ever. Every key element of set up difference between the irons and the driver is included.

    2. Would you say 3 wood is similar to driver? and Hybrid as well?

    3. Farmer J says:

      I find my driver slice goes away if I put 60-40 towards the front foot instead.

    4. Love those pedal pushers 🤣

    5. Johnjones says:

      Time to wear big boy pants now yes?

    6. Question about club shaft lean for irons. My grip is usually under my chin like in your set up and I hit the ball really high. Should the grip be pointed towards my left pocket or shoulder to lower my ball flight? If so, how do I avoid closing the club face? Thank you in advance.

    7. sapper made says:

      I cannot hit my driver its embarrassing

    8. Ian Knight says:

      Those trousers don’t suit an iron or driver!😉

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