EASY 800 Golf Laser Range Finder Review from Golf Professional

The latest Product from Easygreen reviewed and tested by John Greenwood – Independent PGA Golf Professional. Shot on set in the United Kindgom.

The EASY 800 is a Quality Golf Laser Rangefinder providing an easy to use, reliable and versatile tool to assist your golf game. The EASY 800 includes the Patented Plus Minus System along with the following features:
Range 5 — 800 metres ( 5 — 875 Yards )
Objective Lens 6.0 Magnification x dia. 25.0mm
Accuracy +/- 1M or +/- 0.1%
Fully Multi Coated Lenses
Measures in either units, metres or Yards
Weatherproof sealed housing
Durable Silicone Ergonomic Grip
Uses CR2 Lithium Battery — Included
The Easy 800 has the following Modes to assist in various conditions found on the golf course:
PLUS MINUS — allows user to measure multiple targets and their relative distances
RAIN — Excludes close objects within 60 metres.
FOG — Excludes false signals in fog or mist conditions
LONG — Excludes targets less than 150 metres


Unique to the Easygreen EASY 800 is our patented PLUS MINUS™ measurement system which allows a golfer to have much more information and a better understanding of their next golf shot.
Guessing distance is very inaccurate. Guessing two distances is even more so. So why base your club selection on so many guesses. The Easygreen PLUS MINUS System simply and quickly gives you more information about your next shot.


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