Mark Crossfield talks golf iron set up and a simple way to make sure your hands are in a good place. Make sure you don’t make this common golf swing mistake in your golf set up.


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    9 Replies to “EASY GOLF IRON SET UP”

    1. He didn't drop his hands when he hit it,!

    2. kevin Lau says:

      I’ve followed a lot of these tips but my shots keep going straight then hooks left, my grip is fine and I’m slowing down my backswing but can’t get it straight!

    3. Rick Tighe says:

      Back in the 80's after watching this…helped me 100% great short vid 👍

    4. J DUD says:

      Try more width in your back swing

    5. Mark Gebo says:

      Simple, but brilliant!

    6. After 2am says:

      love the quick simple teachable moments! thank you mark.

    7. Rob Biles says:

      Mark, have recently noticed that you do a little front foot toe lift immediately before your take away. Is that your trigger and have you always had it. Or maybe it's always been there and I've just been admiring the Asics shoes you now wear.

    8. Marty W says:

      50/50 with wt distribution? Some people recommend 55 to 60% on your left side(right handed golfer).

    9. RiGuy says:

      It’s 1:45AM here in central time USA. Why cant I fall asleep until I watch a golf video?

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