Easy Way to Fix Fat Golf Shots | Darrell Klassen

Stop hitting fat golf shots.
Would you like to learn the easy way or the hard way to fix hitting fat, or hitting behind the golf ball. https://www.darrellsgolftraining.com

It’s not that you are going too deep.
And there is probably nothing wrong with your golf swing.
All you are doing wrong is hitting the ground in the wrong place.

Simple right.
Ok. Follow the drill I show you in this video.
Then come to my website. There’s a ton more easy golf lessons where that came from.


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    12 Replies to “Easy Way to Fix Fat Golf Shots | Darrell Klassen”

    1. Is it possible to contact Darryll and receive a reply? These 'older' (but USEFUL and always worth reviewing) vids are not current in a time sense. Is Darryll not making new ones? Also, I THINK the Facebook sessions are live and real, but how does know know when he will broadcast? I am a new DKIC member since Oct 8.

    2. Salon 401 says:

      I own practically all your digital instructional information, after three months of practicing and playing I shot 73 on a par 71 GC today. I am a 7.2 index. I’ll never need to follow any other instructor. Darrel Klassen’s “ golf’s is a simple game” is the ozone for me.

    3. Golf student “ how do I fix that” ? golf pro “…I don’t know , im not you“. 🤣🤣 darn funny

    4. itsabaga says:

      Darrell I bought your 4 steps DVD and have watch most of your posting. I have never hit the ball better in my life, then I do now. I’m 78 and last season was a 30 handicap. I can’t wait for the season to start with my new swing. I have been practicing at indoor ranges being up north and I’m really happy.

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    6. wacoharder says:

      Darrell, I’m new to your approach. What is confusing is you dwell so much on hitting the ground under (the point where the ball sits on the ground) that when you combine that with the power point, and there you say don’t think about the ball, it seems contradictory. Please clarify. Thanks.

    7. So happy to see you back again. Hope you and yours are happy and healthy. Darrell, you have never said anything that hasn't helped me in some way. In my mind , you are the best instructor on YouTube and anywhere else. Golf is easy!

    8. Charles Ford says:

      I have a couple of your previous videos i bought a few years ago and just couldn't grasp in my mind how simple your stuff really is. Taken it back up again and Wow, now it clicks in the old brain housing group! Thanks!

    9. Very good Darrell, you just told him to quit thinking about swing mechanics (body parts) and focus on the ball and let his subconscious take care of the rest. The body knows what to do when given an assignment. Great video, most golfers watching this will miss the point being driven home here.

    10. Wasted my time. Rather watch something where I can learn to play……………. You should demo……
      No just talk…….

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