Eliminate Fat Shots from your Golf Game

Using the swing principles of Ernest Jones and Manuel de la Torre… This is the most simple and effective way to stop hitting the ball fat


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    8 Replies to “Eliminate Fat Shots from your Golf Game”

    1. this is excellent stuff, thank you! I learned that focusing on arms is best, as wrists and forearms are twitchy and unreliable. I will be using the arms swing to target mental image on the course. I suppose a lot of the shots (hooks, pulls, fat shots) are a result of the arms not going to the target and moving up, chopping, stalling and so on. It would be a cool video to show some examples on how to train the arms and keep rest passive and how a faulty arms swing is making using the tool very difficult. Appreciate all your teaching and philosophy, I am exhausted of too many body focused/ideal golf positions instruction. I will try to implement only one good swing thought and let it swing naturally.

    2. Trish, thanks for the great teaching. This has been my next step in improving my mdlt swing. As a side note it might just have been the camera angle, but on the first swing it looked like the ball was in your center instead of the clubhead. This setup difference is something I have to be intently aware of always, combined with shifting the center of the arc ahead of the ball without shaft lean with the arms. Nothing I actually think about when playing golf of course — just conceptually and in practice

    3. Moe Foley says:

      Same ball/hands position for Driver, Fairway metals?

    4. Dog lover JB says:

      the "upper arms" . I focus on swinging from my "arm or shoulder sockets" and keep the rest of my arms, wrists and hands passive. Otherwise I ten to try to pull the club down. You look at the ball longer in your actual swing than you do your practice swing…can you address that?

    5. Lee Thargic says:

      Great swing. MDLT is the truth. Thanks for carrying on his philosophy.

    6. Mark L says:

      Cool, nicely described. 👍

    7. steve perry says:

      that was a nice ez to understand video of the jones and de la torre way. i use it all the time.

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