Ep 210 – Dewetsdorp – Another Beautiful and Clean Southern Free State Town!

I discovered one other gravel street to journey on once we left Wepener and headed for Dewetsdorp. We even got here throughout a ravishing outdated deserted farmhouse and we could not assist questioning why it was not inhabited. Then it was time to see Dewetsdorp. What a unbelievable shock once we arrived within the city. The streets have been stuffed with municipal staff cleansing up the place. I wish to assume they heard we have been coming. 😊 It was clear, the homes have been neat and the gardens have been superb. We even noticed flower beds as we drove by way of city, that was so refreshing and one thing we do not usually see. As we drove by way of the streets, we may see that this can be a group that may be very happy with their little city. General, Dewetsdorp gave us a really optimistic vibe and we have been so pleased that we determined to go to this lovely Southern Free State city. We stopped by as lots of the monuments, historic websites and outdated buildings as we may discover and even paid the Golf Membership on the outskirts of city a go to. The greens and fairways have been so well-maintained and an actual oasis on this Free State city. #DustBugs #adventuretravel #southafrica #southafricavlog #dewetsdorp #freestate #travelongravel #wepener






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    28 Replies to “Ep 210 – Dewetsdorp – Another Beautiful and Clean Southern Free State Town!”

    1. The highlight of my day – a new episode!!!!! 😀 Thank you!!!!!!!

    2. What an absolute Gem Dewetsdorp is after the sadness of Wepener… It is so refreshing to see people take pride in their dorpie… It gives me hope after seeing such decay in the other little dorps. Thank you and please stay safe on your travels, loving what you bring ❤️

    3. The grave you mentioned is Cornelia Kruger, the generals wife, the grave of Christian is at Bloemfontein War museum. The graves of Jacobus Ignatius (Kooitjie) and his wife Aletta Strydom is (supposed) on farm Leeukop, Smithfield

    4. The inauguration of the monument was by Genl. Christiaan de Wet. The town was named after his father, Jacobus (Kooitjie)

    5. Flo Dillon says:

      What a lovely clean town quite refreshing just loved that farmhouse that was abandoned it is still so amazing. Thank you for this lovely episode.

    6. BAIE dankie dis weereens so hartseer, seker maar omdat ek betrokke was by die spoorweë, telekommunikasie tegnikus, my trajek het gestrek vanaf Sannaspos tot in Aliwal Noord, was gestasioneer in Wepener, nogmaals baie dankie vir julle en oooja as as julle ooit in Vryheid KZN kom, kom groet (24/11/2022)

    7. Deon Kotze says:

      The first farmhouse you saw…built 1935…that is really not so long ago for being deserted already……that family must have had a short life..shame…sad. But what a nice clean town in the middle of nowhere…and all those sporting activities! Some great guy/lady/person must be in charge here..

    8. Gets the award of "Dust Bugs dorpie of the year" award

    9. mk says:

      Lovely town with all the trees along the streets.

    10. I grew up in Dewetsdorp …we moved to Gauteng in 1985 ,I have since returned to the southern Freeste….

    11. marius roos says:

      What a nice and clean town as you mentioned. Thank you that i could travel with you to experience what you have observed

    12. Peter Koning says:

      Dewetsdorp was quite the farming hub in it's day. It had a lovely golf club(club house has burnt down). We used to drive through from Bloem to play golf here. In the 80's-90's(?) there used to be a number of motor car off road rallies centred in town, around the area. Most things started from the showgrounds.

    13. Neil Rumsey says:

      The abandoned farmhouse had "1935", the date it was built, and the letters "HC" on it. Do you know what that 'HC" might signify?

    14. I can't wait to see my hometown Edenburg on your show

    15. WASWE says:

      Sports ground buildings have been Africanised, very sad, if people show no respect for the past, you can't be expected to be respected in the future.

    16. Dorp was begin deur Genl Christiaan de Wet se Pa sonder die toestemming van die Volksraad!

    17. Nic Grobler says:

      Hi you two! Thank you for taking me on this trip in the Flat State.
      Dewetsdorp clearly shows that a town can be neat and alive after 140 years. It is impressive!
      I think it must be surrounded by quite a large and active farming area with sheep, cattle and grain (as the silos show). They should really carry on from strength to strength. My grandchildren might decide to retire there!
      Keep safe!

    18. Stoflus says:

      The station was called The Meadows and, like all railway affairs in the country, its fate was decided by Parliament, not Transnet. When you see dead stations, blame the politicians prior to 1994, whose ineptitude shines through. Mistakes made in the 1970's, bad management, terrible decisions made at top level, etc', sounded the death knell of the main arteries of our economy.

      There were Levanese in Dewetsdorp, the Haddads and the Chemali's.

      I saw miracles happen in that old NG Kerk; things that defied the laws of physics.

      We left there in December 1968 and only returned twice; I still want to take my adult children and grandchildren there.

      General Christiaan De Wet was the inventor of trench warfare and guerilla attacks; today, he would have been called a Recce, I suppose, alongside Genl de la Rey. These two gave the British warlords a run for their money indeed. To hold 450,000 well equipped soldiers at bay for 3 years with as few as 16,000 men (many boys aged ten or eleven!) was quite an achievement. De Wet had three farms, Klipfontein, Rooipoort (Jimmy Roos School for Boys is there) and Nuwejaarsfontein, some eight miles out of town direction Bloemfontein. I often picked up Boer War memorabilia when I played on the 3700 ha that was Rooipoort; leather items, spent food tins, parts of uniforms, ammunition, etc. That is where I often roamed when I was between 3 -7 years of age.

      We sometimes collected bags of anthracite for our stove at that station, and collected or dropped off visitors from the Cape. That sports centre was in its prime in the 1960's and that was where I first experienced an infantry mock attack presented y the local citizen's force commando and the infantry battalion of Tempe. They used the then new FN automatic rifles, launched different kind of grenades, etc. It must have been 1966 or perhaps 1967; I still had my empty smile.

      The co-op was where that OK store is now, opposite the church. My mother worked across the road as secretary at an insurance agent's, which is why I was enrolled in Sub A when I was 5.

      As a kid, I played in several of the gardens shown in your video, as many of our friends resided in town. That very bored Durbanite should take lessons from me; we had no entertainment but never got bored. Even to this day, with "nothing to do," I busy myself with so many things that I often go to bed only by dawn. One needs to learn how to just live.

      It is great to see how the townsfolk keep Dewetsdorp in shape.

      For foreigners reading here, the name is pronounced "de vets dorp." The "how to pronounce" websites on Youtube all get names very wrong.

    19. the bird is an African Hoopoe

    20. Miena Roux says:

      Do lekker om saam te reis. Wat n oulike plek. Ek was n leerling van Genl. Cristiaan de wet laerskool in JHB. Baie jare gelede. Is nou 75. Geniet dit om saam te rris.

    21. What a wonderful town a credit to the towns folk so clean and tidy interesting history about the town hall another moving memorial to Anglo boer war great golf course tennis courts and bowling club its just like the one by my house approx 300 yards away I live on a gravel track and it's at the end amazing at the beginning of the video your good lady wife mentioned how flat the Free state is that's how I remember it on my few visits thanks guys for an awesome video

    22. Ché says:

      Wow what a lovely little town.. I love when you come in from the back side of town, gives a whole nother prospective of the place.. You right Sonja, Freestate is very flat..the older I get the more I'm enjoying that kind of landscape, one I'm not really used to..but it does have a certain appeal, Freestate is not a Provence I'm too familiar with. Thank you for taking us into these gorgeous little towns I normally just drive by.. Have a beautiful day🚗✨💖

    23. Refreshing to see a small town that’s well maintained.Kudos to Dewersdorp

    24. funk dunk says:

      Thank-you for this episode, its so refreshing compared to Wepener which I have to admit left me feeling a down after seeing all the decay. Dewetsdorp on the other hand is a great example of what seems to be a good case study for local govt management. 😀 My faith is restored ✨️

    25. Bowls = :Old toppie's marbles"

    26. 👆 – LIKE HOT PHOTO MY SISTER 😘🔥l💋

    27. AG says:

      African hoepoo. Not a woodpecker but does nest in holes in trees. Lovely little place

    28. Boer Plaas says:

      Ek dink daai Dewetsdorp is my favorite. Ek gaan Kyk na huise daar oplyn. Vannaand sneeu dit hier op die plaas in Arizona. 😂

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