Episode 126 – A New Hope…

We’re back!….and properly this time. We’ve had a good few weeks off to recharge and gather ourselves ahead of what is likely going to be a big season for the famous Heart of Midlothian Football Club. Join Corbett, Ando and Tam as they kick off the first proper pod of the new season by chatting about;

🧳 Summer signings
🥱 Pre-season friendly performances
😳 The manager situation
📊 Season predictions

Going forward we’ll be moving back to doing pre-recorded shows and keeping the live broadcasts on YouTube for reactions to big matches and big news etc. You’ll have seen the disappearance of Brads and Shanks. Both have decided to take a break from podcasting but they may return in future from time to time.



7 Replies to “Episode 126 – A New Hope…”

  1. Ross says:

    Need to stop with the sniffing and breathing into the mic that's all u can hear the whole pod it's sooo annoying move your microphone away from your mouth ffs

  2. rockingjamie says:

    Ando had more yawns in this podcast than Hearts had preseason goals. Let that sink in.

  3. I know its been done before but how about a 2005-06 season special. Such magic times

  4. To be honest Rowles Devlin and arguably Aitkinson (who I might give benefit of the doubt) are not good enough for our level. Sorry, but they’re just not. Rowles up against Nisbet last year was the perfect example, absolutely ragdolled all over the place. Devlins distribution is absolute dugshit.

  5. Mayonags says:

    Honestly I think 5th would be quite the season for us considering the circumstances. I see shanks possible scoring 15-20 but I think Tagawa will be player of the season.

  6. That new midfield is wank but a will give him untill October

  7. Dave McGee says:

    Does Ando really want us to comment on his appearance 😂

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