26 Replies to “EROBB VS TYLER1”

  1. Kato says:

    erobb and tyler 1 should live inthe same house would be way more fun

  2. CryptCross says:

    T1 should do some dota 2 again.

  3. Dragonich says:

    ayy, the photo that I made for erobb is still being used FeelsStrongMan <3

  4. DrewD says:

    How many ads do you play a minute? "Like 4"

  5. chin says:

    not including that madden match is criminal. tyler made one of the best plays ive seen on that game

  6. Vielpi says:

    finally its time to migrate back to T1

  7. GLK Soggy says:

    That’s bs only 12 hours of variety? Should’ve been the whole 24 12 hours of league for him is nothing new

  8. BLUEJAY :D says:

    I dont think anyone appreciates how the editor put double webcams it’s so good

  9. Whoa, this community brought H1Z1 back to life, loved this game so much.

  10. D S says:

    how does erob have 930 hours of rocket league he ;looks like a gold

  11. ralleks says:

    How tf this loser have 930 hours in Rocket league, that should be illegal

  12. Emoney getting tonka to play variety. A win win for us boys

  13. Tyler truly is the best brother. Not only is he handicapped with having LaQuan as a brother, but he also allows him to win on occasion.
    Just the epitome of brotherhood.

  14. DoolBro says:

    I could watch the two of them play halo ALL day.

  15. Wall Sack says:


  16. RiptideRambo says:

    It’s only gonna be for 12hrs but we will get to see peak T1 again…. I’m gonna cry

  17. Ed says:

    Im so happy we getting 12 hours of variety from T1
    We proud of your Borbie

  18. DBSxGaming says:

    Tyler such a sore loser LOL

  19. aidenwjt says:

    Picks games T1 has never played, head glitches and snipes when t1 is doing dmr only, and then almost loses his main game and runs the same 2 plays every down sweating his ass off. Fake ass boring ass win.

  20. Zegram says:

    Erobb stop picking on your little brother

  21. JimCarryz says:

    please make this an annual or even monthly thing, amazing content

  22. Hyve says:

    old t1 woundnt of lost

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