1. Yep, excellent takeaway lesson. Thanks again ⛳️ 🏌️‍♂️

  2. Bro. Take some breaths. So many words in such a short time.

  3. That take away has really helped me hit it more constantly!! I have been doing since seeing those video's with Ledbetter!!🏌‍♂⛳😀

  4. PAUL Mount says:

    Great Video James! And you made my day! Nothing better than an English Accent saying "WAGGLE", Monty Python Flash Backs!

  5. Late Nite says:

    I wonder if someone clicked on this really thinking they can drop 5 shots lol

  6. Dawson McNew says:

    I feel you missed an important part of Brian Harmon's pre-shot routine when it comes to his putting. After assessing the putt he addresses the ball for the line and then moves behind the ball where he does five or six waggles to get the distance on his takeaway for distance control. His putts may have been offline from time to time but his distance control was spectacular.

  7. Rudy Zooti says:

    Great energy on this one

  8. bjm1711 says:

    Wasn’t the main aim of John Rahm’s ball and club head positioning intended to allow him to draw the ball consistently for one specific tournament? He is a fader of the ball but the course favoured a draw on most fairways. Yes, the stance promoted an upward strike but it also produced the sought after draw?

  9. ROBO I purchased the Straight Away and used your coupon code JAMES15 but it didn't give me any discount?

  10. Short and sweet 👍👍👍👍

  11. Timo says:

    Cheers James, waggles for me are crucial for me to find my set up position for my irons, hybrids and chipping 👌

  12. Nothing to add, except to say that you're my fave, James. Would love to team up with you in best shot against Chris/Gas and Foxy!

  13. No idea how to talk right up to impact and still make contact. If I talked in my backswing I would miss every ball.

  14. John Simpson says:

    Amazing 72 holes from Harmon! Great victory for us short guys! Hits a drive out there and only 5 foot 7.

  15. Great stuff mate. Cheers 👍

  16. Tim Dench says:

    Good video James. As a bit of feedback, I’ve noticed on this video and previously that the cameraman moves once the shot tracer is going, so it looks like the ball is going all over the place. Can you ask him to stay still pls.

  17. I will have to give this a try when I’m at the range

  18. Hero levels of golf from Brian Harman at the open. In other news, James clean the grooves on your irons mate 😉

  19. Brian Starr says:

    I find this video a little disconcerting. I mean, if you take the stance from one player, the take away from another, the rotation from another etc, etc. You would end up being more confused than ever. You wouldn't buy a car of all different manufacturers components would you?? Each to their own I suppose.

  20. tom says:

    so much for pace of play.

  21. Started to hover and 2 Jason duffner waggles. I think it helps hitting it straighter. Thanks james

  22. wongralvju says:

    Most of Korean LPGA players have been doing this for years

  23. Excellent discussion James. Very good points on the take-a-way.

  24. I'm not the longest in my group by a long ways. But with my lack of being able to turn, using Jon Rahm's drive placement in straighter than the rest and not as far behind

  25. Alan Duncan says:

    Waggling when setting to a play a bunker shot helps a lot.

  26. I thought Harnam was outstanding handling the pressure. Some of the crowd were unfriendly towards him to say the least at times. Very strong mentally to hold onto the lead like he did.

  27. I would argue the point that he was doing a lot more than normal because of nerves and was finding it difficult to release the swing to start

  28. For me, I stopped being so stiff and slowed my startup speed.

  29. Alan Watkins says:

    Err…" I've had two lessons therefore think I'm a bit of an expert"….really!
    I'm only pulling yr leg but that is roughly what you said.

  30. lokidecat says:

    As long a your preshot routine is within 'pace of play' I definitely think it's fine and good. I had a buddy who literally took 4-7 full practice swings on every shot.. and it was exhausting and took forever.

  31. Norm Lang says:

    About 10 years ago, Kevin Na had a waggle issue. Brian needs to address his.

  32. I do the John Raham and it works well and I will now add the waggle. James get back to G430 driver and PXG irons.

  33. Tony Reagan says:

    After the Masters I started presetting my hands and clubface like Rahm and love it with the driver. The Clubface position is key obviously so Harmons waggle may help get to the right impact . Great video and easy to try for anyone on the range and course.

  34. Will be trying the combination love this type of content

  35. crimlegit says:

    anyone notice the squirrel

  36. Guy R says:

    For me it’s losing tension in my arms before I start the takeaway. If I don’t I get to the top but know disaster is coming

  37. Duffer Dave says:

    Am I too picky to say that on your last shot, you forgot to waggle before you hit it? :). another good video and good advice too.

  38. Back to the triple diamond for the video. Nice to see it again 👍

  39. For me it doesn't matter how many waggles. Create a preshot routine that you can repeat everytime that doesn't slow down general play. Great points on the backswing and clubbed control too James.

  40. BundyPoppy says:

    Seems like you're Posting, just for the sake of posting.

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