Every Players First Tee Shot from the Good Good Championship!

See every player hit their first tee shot at the Good Good Championship #goodgood #mrshortgame #subscribe

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49 Replies to “Every Players First Tee Shot from the Good Good Championship!”

  1. One of if not the greatest shot in Youtube History happened in round 1👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  2. Michael Shea says:

    I thought maybe they'd use FP's real name. Nick, I think?

  3. Brent Hunter says:

    Luke Peavy for the W

  4. G B says:

    Kinda cool how good good is allowing others to create videos during their tournament.

  5. I thought George Bryan was playing?

  6. Amazing❤️🙌Being able to provide all my needs without the help of the Government is really a dream come through and I’m getting $50,000 returns from my 10k investment, Glory to the everlasting God almighty.

  7. DubSun33 says:

    Stop stop. Without shor tracer this is a pointless exercise. Bye.

  8. Matty J says:

    AndrewJensen had the smoothest tee shot along with Perez!

  9. John Hopkins says:

    Happy for the Tournament, but this video might as well be just a list of names without seeing the flight of the ball. Pointless.

  10. G.M.L. says:

    Im pulling for fat perez all day

  11. Davey Deluxe says:

    FP just being able to hang with some of those elite golfers is impressive

  12. Bob Dalfol says:

    It's pretty astonishing that the qualifying results haven't been leaked yet.

  13. my money is on any guy named Titsworth

  14. 1:52 did I see Luke Wilson?? I loved him in "Old School" 😂

  15. Zac Radford is super slept on. Dude is a machine

  16. Let’s go Cammm !!!

  17. VitaminD says:

    How can you not pick Perez? That dude is always on. Go FP!!!!

  18. FP dropping his amateur status, big things to come

  19. Merlin says:

    What happened to Marcus Byrd?

  20. SignatureNIL says:

    Was that Tony Final’s brother 😳😳 wow

  21. so dramatic, love it!

  22. Jim Dandy says:

    Mark Baldwin recently shot 23 under par in a 54 hole tournament to win the So Cal Open. I'd give him a good chance to make the finals.

  23. Bill Coulter says:

    Only recognized 3 names.

  24. Was that Bryson teeing off first?😂

  25. Enjoyed this mr sg

  26. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole championship. Go the lefties!

  27. Mr H says:

    Shot tracer needed…

  28. Could Bubbie at least have tried to be presentable for an actual golf tournament they are hosting? 🙄 He, Steve, and Matt are why I unsubscribed from Good Good.

  29. Robert Wynn says:

    Would rather watch this than most PGA events. Rooting for Titsworth.

  30. raindogred says:

    Whys it so secretive. The tournys over …3 days and heard nothing. Why didn't they have live broadcast?

  31. Let's goooooo. Can't wait to see this footage

  32. jeumd says:

    What's with the MLM2PRO? Just a sponsor or are we getting some kind of video?

    On a side note, when are they releasing more stock!?

  33. How do we check the leaderboard?

  34. So glad you’re involved with this event! Underrated GOAT of YouTube Golf 💚

  35. Endre H.G says:

    Is that the David Kim as in BLIZZARDs David Kim?!

  36. Omnis says:

    3:15 Please have a child named Howmuchem

  37. Golf Quest says:

    When I saw the Rapsodo there when I watched the Divot Dudes video I thought MSG might be showing the tracking data for these shots but I guess that’s for the GG channel.

  38. You sure that guys name is LEENUS? and no LIE NUS?

  39. Russianman says:

    These guys have too much time on their hands.

  40. Jhared Hack 🤣
    'Yar Ra' Hack.
    Greatest golf name.

  41. Chad Allen says:

    No George Bryan or Grant Horvat jeez😢. Let's go FP …. and Scott Fawcett dump it in every hazard.

  42. Mike Warner says:


  43. Harst89 says:

    Best looking swing, Bad man brad or Mr. Finau

  44. Bud Fox says:

    Why aren’t there more YouTube golfers playing ?

  45. JL Golf says:

    Super excited for this one!

  46. Why only voice Announced a few of the names ? Why not all of them?

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