EXPERT -19 QUALIFYING ROUND PLAY-THROUGH: Fall Major | Yongsan Gardens | Golf Clash Tips Guide

Play-through for the Qualifying Spherical of the Fall Major in Skilled division – with the event wind instructions. I gives you my changes and recommendations of tweaks and alternate options the place attainable.

00:00 INTRO
01:09 HOLE 1
01:55 HOLE 2
03:48 HOLE 3
05:54 HOLE 4
06:55 HOLE 5
08:30 HOLE 6
10:35 HOLE 7
11:36 HOLE 8
13:28 HOLE 9

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    31 Replies to “EXPERT -19 QUALIFYING ROUND PLAY-THROUGH: Fall Major | Yongsan Gardens | Golf Clash Tips Guide”

    1. AdzeHD says:

      Scored -16 thank you once again Ben always the best

    2. Tom McDonald says:

      Ben, I played without notes yesterday (-11) then used yours today (-13), did do better job of it. Thanks

    3. Thanks Ben great content!!!!!!!!!! I holed #7 πŸ€‘

    4. Hole 6 – Just a little info if you're playing baby clubs like me, I only have a rock 6 which only has 2.2 bars of ts, I make the adjustments that Ben says and push up 5 yards then switch to my apoc 2 and add the extra spin, works out ok (as long as you remember to switch out your BD for your sniper for the 2nd shot, just like I didn't)

    5. Donna Lujan says:

      To nervous stepping up , maybe next time πŸ™πŸ™Thanks BK πŸ‘

    6. Hole 8 question. On the drive, your 8.4 MPH wind @ P3 Max +10 = 7.5 pull. You pulled 6.5, which is P3 Max -5%. A little clarification here, please.

    7. Thanks again for your easy to understand, wonderful shots, you help me out immensely! I have told my Clan about you.

    8. Not one of these shots are falling….pissing me the fk off

    9. I used to see tommy videos, elevation’s are min, mid and max. I like your videos but you put a lot of letter that I don’t have the minimum idea of what they are. Example hole 2, second shot

    10. Tib Tib says:

      very good tutorial. you are more strong every day

    11. Thanks BK, I’m almost definitely through with -14. Thanks so much πŸ‘πŸ»

    12. Thanks for telling us how many rings you pull on some holes like 4. It helps a lot ! EAGLE for me πŸ™ πŸ˜€

    13. PPP0E says:

      Thanks scored 13

    14. Loder52 says:

      i took a chance on Hole 7, made a few tweaks in practice and made the eagle in live action. Thanks BK!

    15. Looks a good guide, just 1 P5 ball which is nice, I will try it now πŸ‘πŸ»

    16. mike huvaere says:

      Hole 7, used a wind 4 ball and hit perfect. the ball carried over the island into bunker. So might only be the set up for wind 3 ball. Would have to tweak for wind 4

    17. Excellent yet again Ben, thank you very much for this πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    18. donald moyse says:

      After reading up I’ll assume this is a nice course. I’m looking forward to playing it. Anyone finds something worth posting POST IT, please. I think BK would b alright with that. πŸ™„πŸ™„

    19. Charles Kirk says:

      Whose guide to follow? Ben's or Brandon's? Decisions, decisions.

    20. Hole 6 nearly went perfect right at pin but half a cup short, nice roll just short of the cup close tho thanks for your guides too!

    21. Steve says:

      I echo Wiger Toods comments. Your guide is always succinct and easy to follow. Your delivery (vocal) is also very clear. Great work Ben. If only I could avoid mis-hits I might actually do well.

    22. olivia chown says:

      This course has glitches on every hole do not play it's a complete joke

    23. Wiger Toods says:

      I follow you since before tiers. You've grown so much as a player and your explanations are so easy to follow.

    24. That H2 is almost a gimme huh? With that funnel?

    25. Another very good guide.. Thank you

    26. Ben you are smashing it sir with the game news and expert content πŸ‘πŸ‘ deffo appreciated by many. Thanks for all the work. Looks a really nice course looking forward to playing it this week.

    27. Ian Clarke says:

      What are numbers in brackets below your wind speed?

    28. Jonas Vear says:

      This course has to be the best designed course we’ve had in years

    29. Martin Lisk says:

      Thanks Ben, did a quick rookie marlin practice round, fun course

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