EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 1.0 – Build Confidence and Accuracy. Improve Your Swing with Slice and Hook

EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 1.0 – Build Confidence and Accuracy. Improve Your Swing with Slice and Hook
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The speed Trap was developed to help you do two things: hit it longer and hit it straighter! This training aid is small and compact in size and comes with a soft carry bag. The rods give instant feedback on path of the club.
Trap The ball- catch the ball and then the turf. Create a nice crisp divot, hit it Solid with great trajectory and phenomenal spin. The polycarbonate base tells you instantly If you are scooping the ball or hitting it fat
Swing on-plane- when you learn to swing the Club between the speed rods, your Club will be on plane and on path. Great for eliminating a slice or hook and ultimately leading to straighter longer shots. Also, an incredible tool for chip and pitch shots.
To take away the “over the top” Move and instantly cure your slice: put a rod on the back Top corner, and front inside corner (right-handed golfers). Brighter alignment stripe for your eyes to see the intended line.
Taming a Wicked slice or grooving a baby draw, the speed Trap is the quickest way to change your swing path. Change the position of the rods to match your skill level. The brilliant alignment stripe shows precision alignment for each shot. Ideal for practice round, too. Use it for each shot to help see your on-course alignment.

Top reviews from the United States

Works for my game
The speed trap was a big reality check for me. It showed just how far behind the ball that I’ve been hitting. It had also helped me start to groove my swing path. The feed back is instant.
I’ve been using once a week for about 6 weeks. I have seen a noticeable improvement in hitting my the sweet spot with my irons and hitting the ball, then the turf. This has certainly helped my game and will probably continue to help me inprove.


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