Fairway Wood : Sweep it Flush – Golf with Michele Low

Michele Low is a Golf Coach and Golf Professional. She aims to create simple and easy-to-follow YouTube videos to help you with your golf game. This channel, Golf With Michele Low is home of Golf Coaching, Golf Tips, Golf Course Vlogs and every other thing about golf.

MicheIe Low是一名高尔夫教练。她的目标是为您提供有关高尔夫的技巧和理念。


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    39 Replies to “Fairway Wood : Sweep it Flush – Golf with Michele Low”

    1. gak isok meneng yo.,,,
      bilangi .,,,,,,

    2. ihhh wedi .,,,,,
      biasa mah disana .,,,,,,,

    3. ihhh 6 sesi apaan
      sarapan ane mahhhhh .,,,
      jossss boy .,,,,
      gak eroh .,,,,,,,,,,,,
      biasa broooo .,,,,,,,,,,
      cek .,,,,,

    4. Anto Toding says:

      This is my problem 😅😅 3 and 5 wood, and also 3 and 4 iron, it makes me want to give up

    5. dennis bean says:

      Very good lesson, thanks

    6. Great teaching, the extending through is what I was missing. Thank you!

    7. C Maximus says:

      2:17 tee box shot setup
      3:55 fairway shot setup

    8. Really like the graphics that are added in the editing process, and the slow motion versions of your swings, really great tutorials and great advice. Keep it up.

    9. I have such a problem with these clubs. I either top the ball or take a back divot. I’m going to try this.

    10. KM Writes says:

      I love your teaching.

    11. John Crosby says:

      Extremely helpful, thanks.

    12. Amit Ray says:

      Watched this all over again upon your return Michele. Congratulations 🎊 Your tips on practice swing brushing the grass and ball positions so effective! 👌 Highly appreciate

    13. Parul Amlani says:

      Thank you. Good lesson.

    14. Daniele P. says:

      🇮🇹 thanks for the video ⛳ is the grip the same as usual or change for woods?

    15. Outdoors E says:

      Thanks for the tips on ball positions! This is what I was doing wrong. Now I’m able to get the ball airborne consistently!

    16. jeff marks says:

      Thank you. ….does this apply to hybrids too.

    17. Mira me says:

      U r the best ever

    18. Linda Bragg says:

      With my three wood I don’t move my left foot other than flaring it out. I move my right about shoulder length and that’s where I make my best contact.

    19. george chan says:

      Thanks Michele, my mistake with FW is usually trying to hit too hard, and the body and arms become disconnected. I will try to execute a smoother sweep from now on.

    20. lovetogolf says:

      Great lesson Michelle!! Thx!!

    21. The Lampman says:

      so is your trigger to slightly tilt your head at the ball?

    22. Michele, thank you for the great information. I followed your instruction for hitting long irons, hybrids and woods and I am making great contact, better then ever, only problem now is ball seems to go straight to the right. Is this problem due to ball position, swing path, body turn, or flipping (subconsciously)….Please help, thank you

    23. suvdaa1008 says:

      Hi, thanks for the video. I did not know the tee box and fairway set up was that different. Thanks for the tips.

    24. Hi Michelle, I'm a complete beginner here and have been taught by myself and youtube 😂.
      Thanks to your videos, now I can hit and get the ball to fly (at the very least).

      So far I've been trying to practice with S, P, 9, 8, and 7 irons. But no matter which iron I use, I could only reach about 70 meters. I wonder if you could give us some advice om how to solve this condition. Probably a Q&A session?
      Once again, thank you. Have a good day!

    25. Hi Michelle it’s amazing you respond to so many comments – returning to golf after many years it’s been a wake up call that I was just looking at the white round thing in a random unfocused way rather than really concentrating on focusing my vision on an area of the ball or visualising the club travelling through a line through the ball during my swing , it’s made a real difference that focus on an impact area or spot – do you agree and have you done a video on this ?

    26. jon Q says:

      I've taken my wood right out of my bag in favor of a hybrid 3. Yes, I'm sacrificing some yards, but for the life of me I haven't been able to count on the 3 wood and my bag is lighter when I'm carrying it when it stays in my garage. I'll spend some time at the range with it, maybe eventually I'll become comfortable with it, but right now I'm really not.

    27. S T says:

      Is a good swing thought, lead with the hands?

    28. Hi michele,

      I enjoy watching your instructional videos.

      For my 3 wood, I sometimes have a bad pull to the left, not sure why? My But sometimes is ok.

      My swing speed is 85 mph. I use a 55 grams regular shaft 3 wood. Quite comfortable with it.

      Any advise why this happens sometimes? This creates alot of inconsistencies on my 3 wood. My confidence level drops… 🙁 btw, i am a natural slicer..:-)

    29. Dennis Do says:


    30. Rod Of God says:

      What are the name of the clubs you use?

    31. Cha Qing says:


    32. Mzo Kit says:

      Hi Michelle, thanks for your very useful tips about setup of the fairway wood on the tee-box vs on the fairway. I have tried it out on the golf course and it worked out very well!

    33. Cindy Penn says:

      Great lesson! I have fears to use my fairway wood 5 snd 7. Will try out with the great tips!

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