FANTASY COURSE TOURNAMENT – Match 1 @ Firelands Canyon | PGA TOUR 2K23

Group Stage Match 1 @ Firelands Canyon vs Magisk. Let’s get it!
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24 Replies to “FANTASY COURSE TOURNAMENT – Match 1 @ Firelands Canyon | PGA TOUR 2K23”

  1. Hey Apex I am making what I hope to be a cool fantasy course named koalas dream if u want to u can check it out for the first few holes and maybe play a fantasy course of the week here

  2. Dylan says:

    “If I have to beat you all over again, then so be it” is an incredible insult lol

  3. Hi what's the name on the course lads

  4. Brad Klotz says:

    Kid was annoying as shit.

  5. Tee Mo says:

    Your not the best video game golfer on Youtube Apex .. but your certainly the most entertaining. Keep it up and the views and subs will keep rolling in 🙂

  6. H3AT NATION says:

    yea dude ur playing with is to much

  7. Jeremy says:

    He definitely was feeling bad for you at the end. I felt he gave up playing and just cheered you on to try to get you to catch up.

  8. basti vargas says:

    All of your missed putts went by by over 10 feet.

  9. kvrxl says:

    2k or ea if keep one?

  10. I am sure the supportive words threw apex off.

  11. That kid is annoying…

  12. Bdan plays says:

    Absolutely waxed! Get ‘em next time

  13. One of my favorite courses in the game.

  14. sore loser man, calling out "cheater" when you hit bad shots

  15. GAMING-CELT says:

    I finally tried this today , all the folks saying this is better than ea effort has not tried ea pga or just dont like ea

  16. Alec Morris says:

    You can tell he's a genuine kid but holy shit, he's too supportive

  17. He's called Magisk, it's norwegian for Magical :p

  18. J W says:

    Yo you’re not gonna talk to me in our match?? How boring is that man….

  19. David Miller says:

    Yes I’ve been waiting for this!

  20. i love how supportive your opponent is

  21. I did not expect this to get posted on YouTube, now everyone knows I’m an avid golfer and a squeaker who yells “One time!” way too much.

    Mad respect for still posting this match, Apex, I’ll try and get Fairhurst for ya

  22. Apex ur a goat, I’m tryna get to ur skill level

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