Figuring Out Your Club Distances | Amateur Hour Golf

Hannah figures out her membership distances.

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    23 Replies to “Figuring Out Your Club Distances | Amateur Hour Golf”

    1. I challenge you in Florida 😏

    2. Tennis grunt sounds more like a tennis moan, is it from sore back twinge or actually trying to gain power/distance?

    3. When ya hitting off mats u don't need to scrape the grass off ur 60° with ur shoe

    4. Leighton P says:

      replace the 5i with another hybrid, easy.

    5. The moan gets me everytime 😂

    6. Doug Breeze says:

      For me it's the 4 iron that I can't hit. I tried putting it further ahead in my stance and swinging through it more and it helped.

    7. gregsj1 says:

      looks like portnoys yacht hannah

    8. You've got a great swing, as I'm sure you've already been told! But you're already talking yourself into bed shots before you even get your hands set on a club, starting with your 8 iron before the 5! I only say this because I do the same thing! Lol

    9. breich41able says:

      Good thing you cleaned the grass and dirt off the clubhead with your foot. They call that the “Riggsy”.

    10. The 5 iron looks a little long

    11. Some of the best advice I heard was to swing every iron the same, length of shaft and head weight will determine/affect club head speed and loft will determine launch angle and decent angle giving ya different yardages… my 62° lob wedge goes 60 yards and my 5i goes 195 yards, I swing them almost the same but the lob wedge bein shorter and heavier gives me less club head speed and 5i bein longer and lighter head weight gives me more speed and I pretty much swing them with the same amount of effort/strength but differ in yardage by 130 yards

    12. If ya like ur hybrid that much you should put a 3,4,5 and 6 hybrid in ur bag and get rid of ur 5 and maybe 6 iron

    13. marque2127 says:

      Good stuff Hannah!


    15. Hitting from an elevated surface to targets below will significantly impact distances, so these are not accurate

    16. CallMeFrog 7 says:

      Could watch this all day 😁

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    18. Jb1911 says:

      No gap wedge…

    19. D J says:

      Putting a glove on at 9i for “feel” for the wedges is hilarious

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