Finally Taking Life Seriously…

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    34 Replies to “Finally Taking Life Seriously…”

    1. parker999 says:

      Hey Tim, I know you became a father at such a young age so I wanna know if you could have any advice for me. I'm 19 and just got a girlfriend and she might be pregnant. I'm not 100% but I think she is pregnant and not telling me. I don't have a job but I'm going to community College and I'm 19 and don't think I can handle having a kid right now. I still live with my parents. If you see this comment or really anyone. Please send some advice

    2. Landyn says:

      we love you tim you’ll get better soon forget about lisa she isn’t the one and i can’t believe she did that. forget women and marry krazyrabbit already💍😉

    3. Just a meal suggestion have a chicken thigh with some Dan-Os and a cup of rice it’s around 400 calories it’s tasty and it’s what got me through the first month or two of my diet!

    4. get yo self a pull up bar

    5. Ozzers Oz says:

      The fact that you literally called your wife a "whore" says everything I need to know about you as a person. I have no sympathy for you, how can you mock your wife for not doing any work when you literally admit yourself that you were not productive either. Just one massive contradiction.

    6. Nick says:

      Thank you Tim, you are not alone. Nobody ever is.

    7. OGKilla says:

      My dude called her a whore and then said he won't drag her through the dirt in the same breath??

    8. Hey tim been watching you since 2019 and you've helped me make it past all thise boring hours of quarantine in my bedroom lost 2 grandfathers and an uncle as well so i know your pain 10 fold so i understand if u just wamna give up but its ok you can make it WE can make it just gitta push through 🙏

    9. DJTrey 2003 says:

      Been watching u for a few years now and all I can say going through similar things is focus on u everything will be okay u got this stay strong 💪

    10. JR Sisk says:

      You got this mate

    11. Vincent Edge says:

      I’m Native American and we eat at 11 PM😂but Tim just know I’m rooting for you!

    12. rivvs says:

      Go get ‘em tim we’re here for you and we believe in you💙

    13. Love you bro!

      MOISTY BOIZ forever 🥹

    14. honestly I started watching you because of zombies but I like this more. It would be nice if you still played zombies. but what your doing now is fine.

    15. 4:02 real u gotta turn a negative into a positive turned my girl breaking my heart into my getting motivation for the gym for u jus use it as motivation take time to yourself and your children and figure yourself out more🙏

    16. Aden Jette says:

      Forget your feelings hit the gym and make money

    17. kaskyi says:


    18. PC Principal says:

      Im not much of a zombies fan anymore in terms of the community, but even I can't miss a Tim Hansen upload

    19. been here since the beginning, i’m sorry bro

    20. I'm actually going to change my life because of this video

    21. I wish my mum had instilled proper eating habits and nutrition because I'm almost 30 and I've been eating garbage until a year and a half ago spent my 20s eating like trash

    22. Timmy looks so tired don’t worry about us king work on yourself!

    23. I’m so sorry to here about your struggles but happy to hear you have plans for improvement in the future

    24. I was with you until the glaring mysogynistic comments near the end calling women bitches for no reason.

    25. shko says:

      the every map challenge series was the bomb just ignore depression and other stuff and know that everyone loves u and wants u to post

    26. Buy an acoustic guitar. A little bit harder on the fingers but cheaper and you don’t have to buy an amp

    27. we love you tim do whatever you need to feel better we like it when your excited to do videos if you feel like your in a dark place take break from us we love you❤️

    28. Jack TV says:

      Tim, a true inspiration to a whole generation of players, viewers , and me. Thank you for always pushing the envelope when it comes to the community. You’re insight on life and the spontaneity bullshit that comes with it really hit home for me. We will always be here for you whenever home doesn’t feel like home. Thank you again for everything you do.

    29. She’s a hoe but no details, that’s a joke right?

    30. Understand that to grow is to acknowledge the pain and do something with it. You're on a path you must endure for a while, and eventually start doing more than you are doing. I'm not telling you how to run life, but understand that life won't wait for you, you gotta work as much as you can

    31. Keep pushing Tim, things will get better. They always do.

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