Finally these BIG BRAND drivers are £100…

With us being half way through the season I show you the drivers that have finally come down to the £100 mark and if they should go into your bag!

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    26 Replies to “Finally these BIG BRAND drivers are £100…”

    1. Sean Conlon says:

      Used golf gear is brill with the right mindset and some patience. I've picked up a 2018 rogue for net €10 after selling an xhot 2. Gained about 10 yards as rogue has lighter stiff shaft.
      Picked up a mint evnroll 1.2 for €200 I love that putter. Simon your vids keep my eyes open. Now hunting for my new 5w 🏌️👍🔍

    2. Alex says:

      Got a Ping K15 10.5 driver for $45, not overrated at all.

    3. Paul Brown says:

      I brought a NEW MENS SYSTEM Q 1 WOOD DRIVER SENIOR FLEX GRAPHITE SHAFT 14 DEG 400CC what a driver, 265 yards straight I normally average 210 / 225 and that's with a cobra S2 and HS9 on good days, just goes to show that not all the new Altra best of the best over the £350 driver's are right for you.
      This driver cost me £49.99.Amazing.
      Keep up the video Si

    4. Just picked up the TW747 for $101 here in the States. Upgraded from a Callaway X2 Hot Pro(Paid $40 for that). Have only been out one round, so far its been way more forgiving and distance is almost the same. The Honma is right there, but have been hitting much tighter shots. A few more rounds and I'm sure I'll be getting more distance. Keep on Keeping on 👍

    5. Tyler golf says:

      I have seen a titleist ts1 sell for

    6. Awesome as always Simon, can you do a fairway wood version of this please?

    7. Are you going to buy any pxg 0211 range. I bought a 6 month old drive for 125. Out standing quality and performance for so little money. People might like to see these tested by you.

    8. Would the 917 massivly outperform my 915?

    9. What brand of cap is that, that you always seem to wear?

    10. I have a benross driver and can hit it as far as a friends pxg. Great clubs would highly recommended

    11. i f says:

      Simon, how about a £200 bracket

    12. For $110 I picked up a near mint Mizuno St190 with a fujikura pro shaft and brand new grip.

    13. Barry Murton says:

      They have the Honda drivers, new at silvermere GC!

    14. Ted Robb says:

      I'm 69 ears old, grew up with the Beatles and all of 60's Rock and Roll, and this is the first I've heard of this "controversy". Having listened to the evidence as presented, I disagree that Paul could have done the later part of the drumming. You prove that Paul was a reasonably adequate drummer and could hit such licks, but none of your examples show the Ringo style and timing, which the latter drum work on Dear Prudence has. Only Ringo, being left handed, playing on a right handed kit can so easily and naturally produce such rhythm. That's my vote and I shall not be easily convinced otherwise.

    15. Neil Nash says:

      I have a 12 degree 917 D2. Goes really well, my mate loves using it too.

    16. I bought my M4 Driver this year for $120 usd nearly MINT & love it!

    17. The market is quite bonkers. I bought an M2 5 wood 18 months ago for £80. I’ve used, enjoyed it, and now got a Mavrik Max 3 wood, so put the M2 back on eBay……………..and it’s currently at £122!!!!!! And there’s still 2 days to go!

    18. Got my Callaway Rogue start of this summer for £120, so happy with it and was chuffed with the price

    19. Great content thanks. I picked up a 917 for €120 a few years ago. Still not great with it was hoping you where going to say it was for a low handicapped golfer. 😀

    20. Simon, I've been given a Ping G10, what are your thoughts?

    21. There must be somethng wrong with my ebay then because i've just looked these up and most of them are in the £140-£200 range! That's not a criticism of the video, i appreciate the info on older clubs that are worth seeking out, but it seems you'd have to be pretty lucky to get some of these clubs for around £100.

    22. The AJD says:

      Actually picked up a titleist ts2 driver from 2ndswing here in the US for $90, such a great deal

    23. David B says:

      Still using my Ping k15 driver I bought new back in the day. I even bought a 2nd one just in case something happens to it.

    24. What about the pxg gen 5 driver for £250 ATM that's a bargain

    25. In the end, a matched shaft will make you hit fairways. Not to be overlooked when buying your reasonably priced driver.

    26. How about any Wilson driver? Seems that virtually every YouTubing golfer salutes Wilson when tested, but the almighty golf market doesn’t pick it up?

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