My first round using my new golf clubs! I’m also giving away some of my old irons and wedges, so don’t forget to enter the giveaway (details in the video) and watch out for scammers.

Massive thank you to Prestwick for having us down, one of my favourite tracks in Scotland, and to Dundonald Links for hosting us as we explore the east coast.

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49 Replies to “FIRST ROUND with my NEW CLUBS!!!”

  1. El Bocc says:

    Those itobori irons look incredible!! Perhaps time to let go of the Stealth…

  2. KBK says:

    Those irons are brilliant, love the vokey wedges too

  3. T L says:

    That G430 fw is looking and sounding crisp!

    Btw please put the lab putter back in your bag as your stroke pace is so variable 😿 with an average putting you would be under par everytime my man 💪

  4. herrgall says:

    I'd go for the wedge you hit out of the Cardinal's bunker. Impressive club, and very impressive shot!

  5. Trevor Dolan says:

    Loving the content recently and really enjoyed you in the Good Good major. Favourite new club would be the new irons. Very unique and look the biz

  6. cai aaron says:

    Favourite club is the OG putter. I have an odyssey two ball myself, but with a centre shaft.

  7. Shane Powell says:

    What a course! Loving the irons pete. Remember when you first got fitted for them. They are something else👌keep up the excellent content👏👏

  8. Liked and subscribed! I love that Stealth 2 hybrid in the bag. Seems to be perfect for you. I do wonder about the PXG driver you had been using though. Seemed great so why you not still playing it?

  9. Robert Moore says:

    Great content Finchy, will always be the Vokeys for me chum.

  10. Chris Hooper says:

    I love those new irons. I remember watching the video of you picking them out. Such great content. Should be ahead of Rick Shiels for subscribers.

  11. jejmsj says:

    Hi Peter. I think it’s cool that you’re playing the putter Rick picked for you. On anther note, my hands are likely big enough to okay your giant grips. Keep putting out awesome content!

  12. Mark Davis says:

    Favorite clubs in the bag are easily the irons. So pure and you can really see the craftsmanship on them! Keep up the good work Pete!

  13. Henry Sims says:

    Awesome vokey wedges!

  14. Lars Rysst says:

    Those Japanese forged irons look amazing.

  15. The Itabori irons has to be the favourite .. if only they where visible… 🙂

  16. Jonas Buer says:

    Loving the content Peter🤩 That hybrid of yours is my favourite! You are absolutely striping that😮‍💨

  17. That was awesome! Great video Peter!

  18. Favourite club has to be the 7 iron… I would choose all the irons but you said singular club so the 7 it is!

  19. Mark Arnold says:

    I want these T-100’s and I promise I won’t use iron head covers. Great video Pete!

  20. B GOLF says:

    I would say the putter is the best addition

  21. Nicely played from the Cardinals bunker! I believe i will go with the wedges as my favorite.

  22. Love the videos Peter!! My current favorite in your bag is your putter!! I have the same and love it!

  23. Very good advice on the scammers, happens all the time! Love the wedges, in for a Vokey fitting very soon. The Japanese irons are spectacular looking but too good for me!

  24. Matias Bouza says:

    Of course the best club is Itabori 7 iron. without the headcover tho…

  25. Hello Peter,

    First of all i want too thank you for your videos.
    I would love to win your “old” Edel wedges.
    My current wedges are in desperate need of an upgrade.

    I would like you to give away your Titleist t100s irons to an other lucky subscriber.


    Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪

    Your favourite club in your bag are your new Titleist sm 9 wedges.

  26. massive fan of that hybrid, looks great and sounds even better!

  27. I really like the design of those irons. I’ve never seen anything like that.

  28. Alex Snuggs says:

    Favourite club in build a bag is the Odyssey 2 ball putter

  29. Putter wise…you should put the rickie fowler style putter to the test

  30. MrGraeme1975 says:

    The 2 ball putter

  31. Thomas King says:

    Big fan of the new Itobori Irons!

  32. Duffer Dave says:

    Truth be told I think you've put on iron covers thinking some club member will see them and think maybe they'll hustle you for a pint or two, with them ending up being hustled themselves lol.

  33. We need a match against Harris….

  34. Adam Lloyd says:

    Subscribed 🎉. I’d say my favourite one of your clubs at the moment is the Stealth 2+ hybrid!

    I’m still playing Wilson Staff Di9 irons, might be time for an upgrade in that department

  35. Chris Weldon says:

    Love the content! Those new Itobori irons are something else. I'd be sporting head covers for travel for sure.

  36. Love the taylormade stealth 2 driver.. just haven't got the guts to replace my m6 yet 🙈

  37. tpeberle says:

    2 ball. Makes me feel good about gaming the real OG from 2001

  38. Alex Barnett says:

    don’t need the clubs i’m a lefty! just wanted to comment that the hybrid is definitely my favourite

  39. Definitely the irons there just so damn good looking ! I would probably keep the headcovers on would be scared to get sings on them hahaha

  40. IHUNT3IR says:

    Favourite has to be the irons, they’re pieces of art and I absolutely cannot blame you for becoming one of “those guys” with the covers 😂

  41. jake Kerr says:

    I don’t think you can beat the irons, stand out from the crowd and pure those fine pieces of metal work

  42. Mager says:

    Absolutely love those irons. Great content as always

  43. Peter, those Itobori irons are just gorgeous, and yes you need to keep the head covers on them. You wouldnt leave your partner out in the elements would you. LOL

  44. is1nameleft says:

    Those vokey wedges are my fav

  45. Darren Banks says:

    As gorgeous as the Itobori irons are they would terrify me, so it has to be the hybrid! Looks like it would give so much confidence behind the ball, A1 fairway finder!

  46. Billymol says:

    Great video as per usual and great to see Prestwick in the sunshine. Best club in the bag the second hand 2 ball putter. Proof life in the old dog yet! And the putter 😂

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